Monday, March 2, 2020

Back at It

Finally -- FINALLY -- I am slowly surfacing from my nearly-year-long funk, and I am starting to feel creative inklings once again.

A month ago, I made my first page since March of last year.
It was therapeutic, telling a story that I had been reluctant to tell for a year. When I felt ready, it just kind of happened. 

Then I went a month without making anything else. 

And that was okay. 

When Calvinball started yesterday, however, it felt like an invitation to play without pressure. It's always a fun time, and while some may regard it as a competition, I just see it as an opportunity to see where a month devoted to creative pursuits will take me. 

So far, so good! 

Who knows what I'll have to show by the end of the month? I'm just going to let March happen, and be grateful for every day -- and if some of those days are wonderfully productive, then great, and if some of them are ridiculously unproductive, then great. 

Wish me luck! 

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Want Some Stuff?

Although I do NOT plan to quit scrapbooking, I am in the process of reducing much of my stash. I have too much "stuff" and I need to downsize.

At the moment, I have a few boxes full of items. If you're interested in taking some scrappy goodies off of my hands (and my shelves), I'd be happy to send a box your way for $50, which includes the shipping cost for U.S. residents.

Box #1 includes lots of items from past Hip Kit Club kits -- lots of patterned paper, letter stickers, embellishments, and PL cards, from a variety of brands, including Pinkfresh, Shimelle/American Crafts, and more.

Box #2 includes a variety of PL cards (both small and large) and embellishments, the bulk of which come from Ali Edwards and Elle's Studio, though there are items from other brands represented there.

I also added some "retro" Jenni Bowlin Studios product to both boxes.

Some items are in original packaging, but most have been repackaged to fit more easily in the boxes.

If you're interested in purchasing one or both boxes, please email me at, and I'll get back to you about payment and shipping details.

Thanks for helping me de-stash!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Taking Some Time

Hi all,

I'm going on an indefinite blog hiatus (which apparently started in June). I just wanted to let you know, as there are a few of you who actually check in periodically, and I didn't want to leave you wondering why I just stopped posting altogether. I'm not sure when I'll be back at it...but know that I appreciate you, that I've loved your company while I've shared my attempts to document life and love and language. Hopefully I won't be a stranger for too long.

Take care,


Thursday, June 20, 2019


The "vitrina" prompt sent me first to the dictionary, and then to my bin o' scraps. I assembled a series of little collages in a "display case"-style card. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Today's "yellow" prompt called for something light and whimsical. The ICAD challenge has been a delight, ensuring that I make time each day to do something creative, even if only for a few minutes. 


The "yearbook" prompt led to the unearthing of one of my high school yearbooks, which led to a mix of nostalgia and cringing as I leafed through it, which led me to the decision to make copies of several pages, which then led to the most delightful part: cutting up pieces of my past and re-assembling them here. Friends forever! Best of luck in the future! Have a great summer! Remember me! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


The "wood" prompt brought to mind the color scheme, and this week's mark-making/drawing/sketching theme led to some scribbling, cutting, pasting, and stitching. Fun card to create! I love the unevenness of hand-cut circles. Perfection is boring.