Monday, September 1, 2014

JBS Mercantile September Reveal

The JBS Mercantile September kits are now available! Over the past few days I've had the pleasure of working with these beauties:
September Antiquarian Kit

These kits are versatile, as I discovered after creating three layouts that range from a little bit of pretty to a lot of silly.

More details can be found in the gallery at JBS Mercantile. 

Even though I've pretty much rendered the kits into remnants at this point, I'm not done creating with them yet. I think I can still get at least one more layout out of them before the long weekend ends!  

Saturday, August 30, 2014

JBS Mercantile September Sneaks

After one of the busiest weeks of my life, I found sweet relief this afternoon in immersing myself in the September JBS Mercantile kits. Here are a few peeks: 
When I opened the kits a few days ago, I had to smile, as it was like a trifecta -- three wins in a row, featuring my three design teams: JBS Mercantile, October Afternoon, and Crate Paper. That might explain why working with these lovely kits has been such a delight so far.  

The kit reveal is tomorrow at midnight at JBS Mercantile.  I'm off to start my third layout now! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Yay OA!

Today's announcement on the October Afternoon blog is definitely one worth sharing: 
I'm absolutely stoked to be a part of this team! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

She Lives!

Yes, I'm still around.
Yes, I know I haven't been posting much lately.
Yes, I'm really busy.
Yes, "busy" is overrated.
Yes, I still made time to play.
(The full layout can be found on the October Afternoon blog.)

Yes, that is a lot of buttons.
Yes, the page probably could use even more. :)

Yes, I will try to post more often!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I'm Back.

The process of going back to school isn't just a matter of getting into my car, sitting in traffic, pulling into the parking lot, and walking onto campus.  There is, of course, a stop for coffee somewhere along the way. 

Okay, maybe there's even more to it than that.   
My most recent layout for JBS documents my first day and first week back to school. It's been a monumental one, what with my daughter, a senior (!), attending her last first day of school. This year I am also teaching a bunch of new classes, one of which (as mentioned in an earlier post) focuses on folklore and mythology. The August JBS Antiquarian kit turned out to be a serendipitous match for this page, since it includes folk-tale-themed elements, among other vintage finds.
What I love the most about heading back to school each year is the feeling of possibility.  We all start fresh, filled with hope. Thank goodness, however, that it isn't all entirely new -- I bring back what I have learned in prior years, including a sense of what works and what doesn't. Still, I always feel like a newbie, and that's a good thing -- I want to be ready and willing to learn more. I never want to become the kind of teacher who cycles endlessly through the same lesson plans, year after year.  Change is good.

Here's to the year ahead. It is going to be a memorable one.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Story Play!

Coming on September 3rd...
I am so excited about this class! 

Being a part of "Story Play" has been such a creatively challenging and rewarding experience. Maybe it should have been called "Scrap Yoga" instead, because I definitely had to limber up for the assignments, and afterward, felt so much more flexible and capable of reaching farther than I had before I started.  

The images above give you a peek at what is in store, but they are just tiny glimpses of  the work of the contributors and the true nature of the "play" involved.  At least three of my projects are included in the sneaks -- can you spot them?  
I'm looking forward to the two live webinars that are part of the class.  I had a chance to be a part of the "Visual Storytelling" webinar over the summer, and it was such a wonderful experience. 

Be sure to check out Get It Scrapped for more details -- and if possible, do it soon, because you can save 25% on a GIS membership through next Friday, August 22.  Sweet deal. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014


We're okay!

My daughter arrived home safely a few hours before the winds picked up, though she did have an emergency stopover in Portland due to someone on the plane being sick.  I felt badly for the sick person, but I also kept thinking that every minute that the plane was delayed, the storm was moving closer.  By the time she arrived, there was a cloud cover over the island already.

Luckily, Iselle did not hit the island chain as hard as expected, though parts of the Big Island are still struggling to recover.  Julio is passing north of us, and though it will impact the surf, it hasn't brought any rain or wind today.  It's actually very still and humid at the moment.

It's back to school for us now, and I'm excited about it, if not a little thrown off by the stress of the past few days.

Before I head off to deal with my day-before-the-first-day jitters, I have a layout to share, celebrating one of the bright spots of my summer: time with my doggie dear.
I created this layout for Thursday's "Grid Upon Grid" sketch post on the October Afternoon blog. It combines an aligned grid with a less structured one.  I had some fun playing with the dog-themed elements from the Public Library collection here.

Thanks for stopping by today!