Sunday, March 31, 2019

Calvinball Layout #10

Aaaaaaand I'm done! This year's Calvinball is in the books, and I have ten layouts and 437 points to show for it, along with a sense of accomplishment and a scrapping space that I should probably just set on fire instead of even attempting to re-organize at this point.

It's been fun! 

Calvinball Layout #9

I love this guy so much. He came to us at age three, a rescue, and transformed our lives with so much laughter.  I so wish I could have those first three years, so that he would never have had to experience the feeling of being left by one's family. He was a casualty of divorce and a subsequent move, so we were told. Poor guy.

Linus is resilient, though. He is also a character, to put it mildly.  He may seem composed in these photos, but he had actually plopped down in the grass to enjoy the last few rays of afternoon sunlight, and refused to budge until he was ready. The journaling sheds some light on a few more of his endearing and exasperating features. 

One more layout to go before meeting my Calvinball goal! 

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Calvinball Layouts #7 & #8

We're down to the final two days of Calvinball, and I have two more layouts to complete before I reach my goal of ten. Fingers crossed that I get there! 

It's been a thrill making pages for the fun of it, using only what I already have in my stash. I am at the point where I'm done with hoarding. Items I've been saving for years (and years) are finally working their way into my projects, and it feels good to actually find a purpose for them. 

Can you tell that one of the Calvinball rules is to use 20+ of the same item on a layout?  ;) 

Back to scrapping! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Calvinball Layout #6

This just-for-fun page is based on a sketch from back in the day when I was on the October Afternoon design team. Looking at the the mounds of paper above, you might get a nice chuckle out of the fact that the original sketch post was entitled, "Simple Layers." 

Actually, the layers here may look complicated, but assembling the page is a simple process when there's a sketch to guide the placement of the papers.

I don't use sketches often enough -- I really should. They leave lots of room for creativity but also lend some efficiency to the process. When I saw that a Calvinball point could be earned for using a sketch, this design came to mind immediately -- it's one of my favorite blueprints for a page that allows for lots of pretty papers and lots of layers, which you know I love! 

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Calvinball Layout #5

You would think that living on an island where a sizable portion of the population spends at least one day a week at the beach, I would be inured to any anxiety associated with swimsuit shopping, but no -- it has been more than a few years since I purchased a swimsuit. This may seem to present a problem, but the solution has been a simple one: avoid the beach. 

Recently, though, the recent warm weather and blue skies have been heralding many beach days to come, and so my daughter and I braved the racks of bikinis and tankinis and one-pieces this past week. 

Shopping for swimsuits is so different from shopping for other clothing.  If I see a pretty blouse or dress, I'll grab it and try it on. If it doesn't look good, oh, well, but most of the time, if it looks good on the rack, it tends to look okay when tried on. The size on the tag is generally accurate. 

Swimsuits, on the other hand, are governed by a different set of rules. If I see a pretty pattern on a swimsuit, and think, I love it -- I don't just grab it and try it on.  I have to stop to consider whether the person who designed it is a saint or a sadist. Someone who understands the female body would design a suit that embraces curves and bellies and post-baby breasts and cellulite and thinks, I can work with that -- I can make the person who wears this suit love the way she looks and feels in it, and she won't have to wax half her body in order to wear this in public.  Sadly, those designers are few and far between. Most of them seem to believe that the female body retains the proportions of a fourteen year old when it is forty. 

Anyway, swimsuit shopping: ugh. 

Luckily, the feminist daughter that I raised accompanied me, and each time I laughed at myself in the dressing room mirror, she reminded me that the woman who raised her has spent much of her life claiming to be a feminist as well. She wouldn't let me get discouraged, or blame my own body for its failure to look good in a suit designed by said sadist mentioned above. 

It was a painful process, but I finally found two swimsuits that looked great and made me feel great. Both are one-pieces, and one is even strapless -- what-whaaat? 

What remains with me, though, aside from flashbacks to my body being squished and smooshed and flattened and distorted, is my daughter's confidence. She tried on just as many suits as I did, and went through the same process, but she never blamed her body for being what didn't work when she looked into that dressing room mirror. She knew that the flaw was not in her -- in fact, she didn't seem to see any flaw; she just chalked it up to suit X not being right for body Y, and moved on to the next one.  I so admire that.  I could really learn a thing or two from her.

I still hate swimsuit shopping. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Calvinball Layout #4

This page has been waiting for the right moment, the right mindset, to come together. I printed this photo a few years ago, and I flip past it frequently when considering what to scrapbook next, but it's connected to one of those memories that bears a special weight. It's tethered to other memories, to questions unanswered, to a person I knew but in the sense of a child's knowing -- a knowledge gained from observations, filtered through the lens of innocence rather than experience. 

Monday, March 18, 2019

Calvinball Layout #3

This layout celebrates my love of all things March -- flowers blooming, dogs roaming, green abounding. Just the thought of March summons the color green in my mind.

Do you associate colors with months? Now that I think of it, I kind of do, though not for all of them.

November is definitely brown, but a warm kind of brown -- the color of dried leaves, gravy, roast turkey, and nostalgia.

April is lavender, the color of orchids, Easter dresses, and foil-wrapped chocolate eggs.

May is a soft, creamy white -- the color of stephanotis on the vine, bridal satin on the May Day queen, the clear head of a teacher finally on summer break.

July is deep blue edged with glaring yellow -- in the way that the open expanse of the sea meets the brilliant summer sky.

September is a mix: the shiny red of a polished apple, the yellow sheen of a freshly sharpened pencil, the green-blue paint on a classroom door.

October is a month of gradations, an ombre kind of month, the color of twilight.

Do you think this way, too, moving through the year with a sense of shifting colors?