Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Definitely Inspired

Recently, Lana Rappette asked me to join her new blog challenge, "I Inspire Me." I was so flattered when she asked me to join this talented team of twelve, and I had no idea just how much I would get into this challenge. Today the blog was officially "revealed," along with the many eye-poppingly gorgeous pages of its members.

The idea behind "I Inspire Me" is just what the blog title suggests -- we find inspiration in the things that surround us, the objects and patterns and details that are already very much part of the fabric of our daily lives.

I started off by wandering around the house -- indoors and out -- with my camera, noticing the details that I often overlook. A few days later, my eyes were picking up so many little "inspirations" all over the house, including one in a very unusual place: a laundry basket.
I was just sitting on the couch, reading, and when I looked down, there it was -- my page design, a rectangular grid with open spaces that made little "homes" for a pattern behind it.

Thus, I found the inspiration for "Eleven":

The page was also inspired by my eleventh anniversary, which my husband and I celebrated last weekend. The journaling reads:

Sometimes it will be really (really) hard,
but if love is there, you’ll persevere.

After 11 years,
his touch will still be electric.

In each other, you will find
healing, happiness, home.

The level of laughter in your household will prove that a little bit of crazy
is a good — actually, a great — thing.

You will learn that couples who argue aren’t weak,
but rather, made stronger through their efforts to see eye to eye.

You will experience loss together —
but it will bring you closer together.

When he speaks about you to others,
you will hear pride in his voice.
He’s your biggest fan.

You will still get butterflies…
even when he is not there.
Just the thought of him
can make you all a-flutter.

Together you will raise a beautiful, spunky, witty, and brilliant daughter.

You will feel time pass quickly —
too quickly — and you will wonder, why?

With each year, you both will grow closer,
sharing a history, building a future, living in the present
(and yes, he will tolerate your penchant for schmaltz).

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  1. jill... this layout is so great in every way!! it's why i love your pages - candid photos, personal journaling, and AMAZING designs & detail!