Monday, June 30, 2008

I Love This Little Book

...because it feels "real" to me; it feels like me. When I'm adding pages to it, I don't worry about whether what I'm adding "looks right" or "sounds right." I put it together using the same mindset that I urge my students to adopt when they freewrite: (1) Don't look back, (2) Don't censor, and (3) Keep writing. Freescrapping. Like freewriting, each page is generated in minutes. What a concept.

I owe each and every page in this book to Elise Blaha, whose weekly Paper Adventure 08 challenges I've been following since they started back in January, just a few days after I made a scrapper's resolution to play around more often with minibooks. Week after week, and page by page, it is coming together, and in the process, I get a creative release even during the busiest of weeks, when I can't devote my attention to creating a large layout. It's also great for helping me to use scraps and supplies that sometimes get neglected and for pushing me to repurpose items.

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  1. Hello, found the link to your blog from 2peas, love your stuff. :)

    I was meaning to join this mini book challenge too when it started, really wish I did. Yours looks awesome.

    Have a wonderful day! :)