Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lost in Translation

My husband has a curious habit of channel surfing through public access and foreign language programs. He thinks its hilarious. Sometimes he's right, like tonight: he flipped to a Korean soap opera called -- and I kid you not -- "Mom's Dead Upset." That is the actual title of an actual show:
I'm sure it's just a really bad translation, but it's still a freaking funny title, you must admit.

Korean soaps are pretty big here in Hawaii. My mom really got into one last year. It was called "Sweet Spy," and I think it was about a woman who lived a double life as a spy. Some of my students are hooked on Korean soaps, and share the scoop with each other at recesses. There are ads on the radio for DVDs of these programs. There are even Korean drama clubs here.

The interest isn't just a local phenomenon, apparently. I did a search for "Korean soap operas" while confirming the existence of "Mom's Dead Upset," and found this. The first few bits are pretty funny. If you've ever seen a Korean soap, I think you'll definitely relate. According to Wikipedia, the skit was "supposedly filmed by Korean drama directors."

Apparently the quirky titles come with the territory. I just discovered that there's even one called "1st Shop of Coffee Prince." Love it.

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