Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mixing It Up

For the second "I Inspire Me" challenge, I headed to the kitchen. Summertime is mango season here in Hawaii, and one of my favorite foods to prepare is fresh mango salsa. Good schtuff. For my layout, "Everything," I initially wanted to work with colors similar to those in the salsa, but then I also got the idea to create my own salsa -- paper salsa. That morphed into a kind of paper-and-photo salsa, as I added index prints to the mix. Since salsa combines various ingredients, I decided not to stick to a single event or moment, and combined a bunch of shots of my daughter from the past year.
There are so many things that I love about "I Inspire Me." For one, there's the element of the unpredictable intrinsic to the challenge -- it's about finding that "spark", believing that it is already nearby. It's always a kick to see what that spark ignites. The challenges have also prompted me to start seeing with fresh eyes, to see ideas in everything -- like a laundry basket or a bowl of mango salsa. I'm excited to see what the next round of challenges will bring...and it's pretty freaky to think that I right now I may already be in proximity to the very thing that will inspire that next page.

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