Friday, July 11, 2008

Mini Me

So this mini literally came together in minutes just now. All it took was some labels (thanks, Debbi), patterned paper scraps, glue, and fear. Yes, I said "fear."

I'm really (really) afraid of flying. To die in an airplane crash is #1 on my list of worst deaths imaginable. My logic tells me that statistically speaking, I will be fine when I board an airplane in just a few days. However, logic's evil twin keeps jabbing another fact at me -- SOMEONE needs to be on the losing side of that statistic from time to time.

I KNOW, I'm overreacting. No, I really do know this. BUT I can't stop the voice inside that's whispering, "What if...?"

So what do I do? I SCRAP. Uh huh.

I make a mini about the things that I need to have said...well, the Cliff's Notes version...and in under an hour, this book is assembled, completed. Wanna peek at some of my crazy ramblings? Here you go...just a few of the pages.

It has an uber-dramatic title. In fact, it's so silly my eyes still haven't stopped rolling since I came up with it. It's very original. Ha. "Notes on 32 Years of Life." No, really. It's that original.

I figure, I needed to get all of this stuff out of my head right now. I'm sure that I'll make ten more minis over the course of the next few days...but it's definitely more constructive than rocking back and forth in fetal position, right? Plus, it's a LEGACY. Har har. Of a madwoman.

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  1. What a cool little book! Just love what you did with those labels!