Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Like, Whoa.

I just checked out the "I Inspire Me" blog, which Lana just updated. My mouth is still hanging open. The pages for this week's post are crazy beautiful. Each page elicited a pretty genuine "whoa" from me.

This week, we all drew inspiration from jewelry. Here's my contribution:

I'm so happy to be finally digging into my photos from our vacation. I'm still in the process of editing all of the Disney World pics. Who knew that I'd love the North Carolina photos so much more than the Disney ones? The NC photos are of family, that's why. The Disney photos are nice and colorful, but the family photos are meaningful.

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  1. I completely get that sentiment. I mean...I have like....300 photos from Disneyworld to go through and I'm sure I'll have a blast scrapping them but right now I cannot seem to summon up too much enthusiasum to do so. I keep finding other things that I have to scrap first. *laugh*