Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Inspired....for the Seventh Time

This week's I Inspire Me challenge is up and ready. Check it out here. I can't believe we've been at this for fourteen weeks already -- seven themes so far. I've created some of my favorite pages ever as a result of these challenges.

This week's theme is doors and windows, so I drew my inspiration from some old curtains. Well, they were "some old curtains" until I starting noticing their details, and then felt that little "click" as I thought, "Hey, I can work with this!"

I loved the lacy scalloped edging, and tried to "translate" the vintage-y feel of the curtains to the page that I created:

The journaling is basically a bunch of memory "fragments" from our trip to North Carolina:

afternoons on the porch
chatting with the family
bees buzzing
tiered spider webs on the greenery
watching squirrels doing acrobatics in the trees
cold drinks in hand
waving at the neighbors
"hi y'all"
"bye y'all"

Gosh, I miss that place. I know, I know....listen to the chick from Hawaii, whining about wanting to be elsewhere. Boo hoo. But still...what I wouldn't give for another BBQ sandwich from R.O.'s.

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