Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Truth about Cats and Dogs

"Are you a cat person, or a dog person?"

I'm sure that you've been asked this question more than once. If you're anything like me, then there is no answer to this question. I'm a cat person and a dog person. Even this quiz proves it: "You are a true animal lover who enjoys the companionship and distinct personality traits of both dogs and cats."

Granted, some days, I wish my cats would be more like dogs, breaking their sleepy trances and suddenly getting up to bark and jump and pant and run down the hallway. They'd be so much more entertaining that way. A sleeping cat is only interesting for so long. On other days, I wish my rambunctious dog Mazie would embrace the Way of the Cat, and just chill. She's a nut. She plays chase in the yard by herself, alternately running full force toward and then away from some invisible playmate. Give her a bone, and she'll fling it around the room, barking at it as if it was animated. While the cats pick delicately at their food, Mazie gobbles hers up in seconds.

As different as they are, I love having both cats and dogs around. I know that they're often described as opposites, but I think they complement each other quite well, when raised to be housemates. It's always hilarious to watch a cat put the dog in her place -- one look, one swipe, and Mazie is cowering. Dogs don't have the superiority vibe that cats emanate.

I always have a blast scrapping pages of my pets. They have such distinctive personalities, and these personalities come through in photos. Maybe one of these days I'll make a page that combines photos of my entire furry family. There's no way I'll ever get them to pose together, though -- well, not without a trip to the vet for them and the E.R. for me. It's even harder to get a photo of us together. Self-portraiture is seriously limited with a big furry ball of energy or a small furry ball of claws in your arms.

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  1. :) I'm totally a cat person who doesn't want any cats. wha? yes, my kids used up ALL my caring & cleaning LOL great page jill!