Thursday, October 30, 2008

All of the Above

I recall reading advice about a year ago on the Two Peas Pub message board regarding design teams. The general consensus was this: only apply for design teams for companies whose products you love, and love to use. I can say with certainty that I love being part of the Collage Press design team.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the end of the month post at the Collage Press blog. The design team has put together some amazing pages and projects. You might also want to stop by the Aussie Scrap Source blog. This week, the blog features Collage Press products.

So I've always been a CP fan, and I can actually pinpoint the moment when I first fell in love, love, paper love. The first time I saw CP's journaling cards, I fell hard. Lucky me, the Jackson Lodge and Camden collections come with a set of these. I decided to use a few of the cards on this layout.

I've been in the midst of standardized testing with my students lately, and I've got letter bubbles on the brain. As proof that inspiration is everywhere, those tests and their answer sheets ended up inspiring this page. The green "multiple choice" Jackson Lodge journaling card made the perfect home for my "test" question.

Although it's hard for me to actually use paper that I'd rather stockpile, I'm thinking that the old adage applies here -- if you love something, set it free. These journaling cards look amazing when I'm holding them in my hands, but they really shine when they're actually put to use.

Did I just get schmaltzy about scrapbooking supplies?

I'm such a nut.

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