Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall, Hawaii Style

So we're officially into the fall season, and here in Hawaii, that means one thing -- more rain. When winter comes, it will mean even more rain. So many of my favorite bloggers (like this one) have been recording the change of season, a change that I haven't quite felt...until just recently. It's been getting cooler in the evenings lately (though still not cool enough for sweaters), and yes, it's been raining quite a bit. The dampness and the coolness intermingle to create an earthiness that permeates the air...and finally, tonight, it feels like fall.

There are other signs pointing to the change in season, and now, looking back on the scenes of the day, it's clear that there's much more to this change than rainfall.

First of all, I've been hibernating lately, sleeping way more than I should, and getting cozy with book after book. I spent this weekend with this gem:

It's so different from Bushnell's other books. I don't want to be insulting to her other work, but this one is just so solid and well-written compared to the others. The others were entertaining, as is this book, but One Fifth Avenue delivers something more. The other books flowed, as does this one, but there is a clearer sense of craft in this book. So many of the sentences in this book spark fire, demanding rereading and appreciation. Granted, I'm only halfway through, so for all I know, the plot will unravel in a few more chapters...but given the way it's progressing so far, I've got high hopes for this book.

Another sign of fall:

Meet the annual mini-pumpkin. My daughter gets one of these each year, right at the beginning of the month, so that by the time we reach Halloween, it looks truly horrific and can be thrown out just as November begins. Right now it's cute, though. It's very fall.

Then there is this telltale sign that fall is afoot:

Ooh yeah, candy corn. I am so sugared up right now.

Finally, tonight I knew that I had transitioned from summer to fall because I had the urge to roast a chicken...which I did...and as it was cooking, I realized that if there was a way to bottle roast chicken aroma, I would pay shameful amounts for that fragrance, and ROLL in it like a happy dog. That's just how I feel about the chicken. Don't EVEN get me started about the whole POINT of roasting a chicken:

Good gravy. See how little is left?

I'm a teacher, so I know that summer HAS to be #1 on my list of seasonal preferences, but there is something so sensory about fall, I just can't resist it. Fall is such a "homey" season.


  1. What? She wrote a solid book? I love her, but that surprises me! I have to go get it. I'm just finishing up the new David Sedaris. I've been laughing myself to sleep every night. ;)

    Happy Fall!

  2. oh i totally agree about fall being "homey." Just gets me ready to hibernate! i'm adding that book to my to-read list...haven't been a hige fan of CB, but I'll try this one on your recommendation! :)