Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Perpetual Jones

I could eat this stuff

Lately I've been a little worried about my passion for food. I'm finding that what pulls me though the lunch-to-dismissal shift at school is the anticipation of dinner. Is that normal? Probably not.

I find comfort in food, which I know is bad, bad, bad, but it's also true, true, true.

Last week, there was this:

Oh, Ben and Jerry's, how I love thee.

...And don't get me started on the day that I came home late from work but still insisted on making this:

Lasagna. The ultimate autumn night comfort food. Luckily, we had last-minute company for dinner that night, so I didn't gorge myself on leftovers.

Thanksgiving is coming soon, and I've already started planning. I'm very territorial when it comes to my gravy, so I plan the guest list carefully. Vegetarians are more than welcome.

As much as I love food, I don't overeat. Really, I don't. I just lavish in flavors. I hold on to taste memories.

Still, I think I may have a problem. As I type this, I'm thinking ahead to tomorrow night's dinner.

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  1. Jill- i'm ON WEIGHT WATCHERS! i should NOT have read this post. mmmmmm pepperoni!!!