Saturday, November 29, 2008

Guess What I Saw Again Today?

I know, I have a problem, but we established that a few posts ago, didn't we? I figured that by the third viewing, the magic would have dissipated, but the movie is still amazing to me. I was a bit more observant of details this time around. I finally caught Stephenie Meyer's cameo in the diner, for instance. I also noticed just how much makeup Rob is wearing in the film (not that it detracts at all from his, um, presence). When Edward kisses Bella's forehead, he leaves a definite lipstick mark. Still, it's not a mark that I'd mind on my forehead. Ha. I also found myself attending to the nuances in Carter Burwell's musical score, so now I'm sure you can guess what my latest iTunes purchase was. It's brilliant. Check out the backstory of the score at Burwell's site.

So tonight I read that Rob Pattinson has been quoted as saying this: "My favorite teacher was probably my English teacher because she got me into writing instead of just answering the question. I used to hand in homework with 20 pages of nonsense and she'd still mark it. She was a really amazing teacher."

I knew I liked that guy for some reason.

In related news, this morning, my hubby Rob (yes, that is his real name) woke up with his hair looking like something out of Flock of Seagulls.

"Nice hair," I told him.

"What? Don't I look like your boyfriend?" he teased, referring to the other Rob. "Don't I look like Edwin?"


Yes, "Edwin." Too freaking funny.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gonna Wanna Hafta at ThinkGeek this year for Christmas presents. I just discovered this wacky/brilliant site, and I'm loving it. See why?
Okay, so maybe not ALL people may be able to see why this store is brilliant, but the geeks among us certainly can.

Ooh, and thanks to this site, I can live out (some of) my Big Bang Theory fantasies:

It also includes some fun office/desk supplies that I'd love to get, but wouldn't be able to use at work without having some serious 'splaining to do:

So what do you think? Wouldn't you love it if your teacher had this on her desk at school? Wouldn't you think twice about walking up to her desk to borrow yet another pen?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oh, Yeah, I Went There.

So I've been raving about Twilight, and now I'm scrapping about Twilight. The next stop is therapy.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Guess What I Saw Today?

Twilight. Again.
Same effect. Swoonage successfully replicated.

My husband came along today, but apparently he's immune to Edward's charms. Although he found some of the plot and characters compelling, he claimed that the film was too long and that the storyline wasn't developed enough. Even though I tried to explain that Twilight is necessarily mostly exposition, in order to establish the dynamics upon which the rest of the series is built, he still wasn't impressed. Well, at least he tried. Being one of maybe three or four men in the nation who have seen the movie counts for something, right?

I, however, once again fell victim to the willing suspension of disbelief. Hook, line, and sinker, baby.
Doesn't this pic remind you of the end of Sixteen Candles?

Friday, November 21, 2008


Guess who just got back from seeing Twilight?
this movie was just perfect.

I will confess, I did not have high hopes. I wasn't crazy about the casting for Bella, but five minutes in, I was like, Oh, she's so Bella. I loved the casting of Edward from the get-go, but now, I think that love has surpassed the obsessive mark. Robert Pattinson was AMAZING. Ooh, and gorgeously gorgeous. His penetrating gaze can ONLY be compared to Mr. Darcy's -- and you know that Darcy gives good gaze.

Then I was worried about the writing -- but I am worried no longer. The book and movie complement each other beautifully. Perfectly. Certain scenes were seriously butterfly-inducing. The experience of watching Twilight the film was not unlike the experience of reading Twilight the book -- as the movie's plot neared its climax, I was both engrossed and upset, as in, this is awesome, and oh, no, it's ending soon!

There were scads of preteen, tween, and teenage girls in the theater -- along with many, many women (and maybe three men). The girls screamed with glee almost every five minutes. I want to say that I was annoyed, but oh, I was feeling it. Screaming isn't my thing, though. I do think I drooled a few times in my popcorn...and there may have been a little bit of panting. Blame Edward/Darcy.

I have plans to go see it again SOON SOON SOON.

Which rhymes with SWOON SWOON SWOON.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Merry Belated Christmas!

While scrap-inclined folk out there have been contemplating what kind of paper they'll be using for this year's holiday pages and projects, I've been staring at a stack of photos from last Christmas. Luckily, a bunch of Collage Press goodies arrived in the mail, a perfect impetus for me to create a little album documenting Christmas 2007 before Christmas 2008 arrives (oh, and you know it's coming quickly!). My scrapper's guilt joined forces with my scrapper's conscience (hey, remember that resolution to make more mini-albums this year, huh, huh?), and ta da -- this project was born!

Not all of the photos are landscape-oriented, but I'm going with a "Who cares?" as far as that's concerned. I don't exactly plan albums while taking photos, and I would hate to leave out photos just because they broke a few page-to-page consistency rules. Viewers of this album likely won't get muscle strain from turning the book 90 degrees, right? It's all about the memories, people. Ooh, and the pretty pretty paper, which looks great no matter the orientation.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans' Day Parade

These are just a few of the many (many) photos that I took today at the annual Veterans' Day parade. As much as the armed forces are a presence on this island, this is the only Veterans' Day parade on the island. We sat curbside and waved as the parade made its way past us. I confess that I was glad to have my camera and dark glasses to hide behind at one point. I got choked up, and my lower lip began doing that quivery thing, which meant that tears were imminent. I was afraid that someone would ask me what was wrong. I would have no idea what to say.

In truth, I don't even know why I reacted that way. All I know is what set it off -- the sight of those in uniform, marching proudly, and the recognition that there are usually many more troops present at this parade. The representation from the various branches of service was low this year, due to deployments, I assume. The presence of veterans was strong, but I think it was an absence, not a presence, that got to me. I couldn't help but think of my grandpa, who could not listen to "Taps" without tearing up. He couldn't explain why, but we all knew that it had something to do with a history that he could not put into words. In so many ways, this parade was emblematic of a past, a present, and a future, and my heart swelled as I considered my own place in that narrative.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Done and Done

Done: I voted.

In fact, I voted at my alma mater, in the cafeteria of my former high school. Weird. Lunch is $4.00 now. $4.00 for cafeteria food. Whoa. I remember when it was $1.00 - $1.50, and I still wouldn't buy it. Some things never change, though. The student council posters still look the same. The level of "pep" hasn't wavered much either, judging by the prevalence of school colors and the mascot veneration.

As we walked away from the high school, I snapped a few photos and sighed to my husband, "Do you realize that this could be the last time that we vote here? The last time that we stand here?" If we move next year, that is...which leads me to the next item on my "done" list:

Done: My page for "I Inspire Me" (magazine-inspired). Sadly, this will be the last page that I do for this challenge, since the challenge is ending this month. Well, it was fun while it lasted, but who says that it really has to end? The concept behind the challenges is brilliant, and I learned so much by finding inspiration in items that I would have otherwise overlooked.

The page itself is inspired by a page out of Rachael Ray's mag:
As evidenced by my wistful departure from the voting site today, you can probably tell that I've been more than a little sentimental and nostalgic lately. The page is a compilation of some of the things that I'll miss if (when) we leave Hawaii.

The journaling reads:

Food. There are so many foods I'll miss: poke * arare * lomi salmon * kalua pork * poi * malasadas * lumpia * maki sushi * plate lunch * bentos * teri meat * Bravo * Shige's * What will I do?

Family. I know they'll be there for me, but they won't be there. How do I deal with the distance?

Friends. I know I'll make friends wherever I go, but there is only one Angie. Only one Laverne. Only one Thalia. Sigh.

History. My stories are here. My past is here. For the very first time, my future may not be here.

Green. Everywhere here it's summer all year long. The rains are gentle. The gardens are green. How do I say goodbye to a land that is in my blood, in my soul? It will remain forever green in my memory.

Teaching. Maybe I can take this with me. Maybe there will be teaching jobs for me. It's hard to leave my program, a system that I helped to create.

The View. I'm regretting spending so much time indoors here, when the world outside abounds in beauty and wonder. Now I hold on to the sunrise and sunset, stare a little longer at the green of the Waianae Range and the Ko'olaus, and let the breeze linger.