Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Done and Done

Done: I voted.

In fact, I voted at my alma mater, in the cafeteria of my former high school. Weird. Lunch is $4.00 now. $4.00 for cafeteria food. Whoa. I remember when it was $1.00 - $1.50, and I still wouldn't buy it. Some things never change, though. The student council posters still look the same. The level of "pep" hasn't wavered much either, judging by the prevalence of school colors and the mascot veneration.

As we walked away from the high school, I snapped a few photos and sighed to my husband, "Do you realize that this could be the last time that we vote here? The last time that we stand here?" If we move next year, that is...which leads me to the next item on my "done" list:

Done: My page for "I Inspire Me" (magazine-inspired). Sadly, this will be the last page that I do for this challenge, since the challenge is ending this month. Well, it was fun while it lasted, but who says that it really has to end? The concept behind the challenges is brilliant, and I learned so much by finding inspiration in items that I would have otherwise overlooked.

The page itself is inspired by a page out of Rachael Ray's mag:
As evidenced by my wistful departure from the voting site today, you can probably tell that I've been more than a little sentimental and nostalgic lately. The page is a compilation of some of the things that I'll miss if (when) we leave Hawaii.

The journaling reads:

Food. There are so many foods I'll miss: poke * arare * lomi salmon * kalua pork * poi * malasadas * lumpia * maki sushi * plate lunch * bentos * teri meat * Bravo * Shige's * What will I do?

Family. I know they'll be there for me, but they won't be there. How do I deal with the distance?

Friends. I know I'll make friends wherever I go, but there is only one Angie. Only one Laverne. Only one Thalia. Sigh.

History. My stories are here. My past is here. For the very first time, my future may not be here.

Green. Everywhere here it's summer all year long. The rains are gentle. The gardens are green. How do I say goodbye to a land that is in my blood, in my soul? It will remain forever green in my memory.

Teaching. Maybe I can take this with me. Maybe there will be teaching jobs for me. It's hard to leave my program, a system that I helped to create.

The View. I'm regretting spending so much time indoors here, when the world outside abounds in beauty and wonder. Now I hold on to the sunrise and sunset, stare a little longer at the green of the Waianae Range and the Ko'olaus, and let the breeze linger.


  1. Love the concept of your page, Jill--and so beautifully executed, as always. I am SO sad that blog is ending.