Friday, November 21, 2008


Guess who just got back from seeing Twilight?
this movie was just perfect.

I will confess, I did not have high hopes. I wasn't crazy about the casting for Bella, but five minutes in, I was like, Oh, she's so Bella. I loved the casting of Edward from the get-go, but now, I think that love has surpassed the obsessive mark. Robert Pattinson was AMAZING. Ooh, and gorgeously gorgeous. His penetrating gaze can ONLY be compared to Mr. Darcy's -- and you know that Darcy gives good gaze.

Then I was worried about the writing -- but I am worried no longer. The book and movie complement each other beautifully. Perfectly. Certain scenes were seriously butterfly-inducing. The experience of watching Twilight the film was not unlike the experience of reading Twilight the book -- as the movie's plot neared its climax, I was both engrossed and upset, as in, this is awesome, and oh, no, it's ending soon!

There were scads of preteen, tween, and teenage girls in the theater -- along with many, many women (and maybe three men). The girls screamed with glee almost every five minutes. I want to say that I was annoyed, but oh, I was feeling it. Screaming isn't my thing, though. I do think I drooled a few times in my popcorn...and there may have been a little bit of panting. Blame Edward/Darcy.

I have plans to go see it again SOON SOON SOON.

Which rhymes with SWOON SWOON SWOON.

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