Monday, December 22, 2008

Even Bella's Duvet Is Purple.

Okay, so maybe
just maybe
I saw Twilight again tonight.

This time, the willing suspension of disbelief wasn't enough to pull me through, though. I wasn't as entertained by the movie itself (or by Pattinson's lovely mug) than I was by the details. For instance, did you know that almost everyone in the film wears, aside from earth tones, blue or purple? Seriously.

Case in point: the girls are shopping for prom dresses. Should Jessica wear the purple dress or the blue dress? Should Angela wear the blue dress or the purple dress? Bad guys walk past the window. Whoa -- is that guy wearing a purple vest?

I took to getting elbows in the chest from my daughter as I announced the colors of outfits. For instance, "Psst! There's Stephenie Meyer. Oh, LOOK -- the waitress's shirt is PURPLE!"

Field trip scene? The students are wearing either blue shirts/jackets (as in, all of the Cullens) or purple shirts/jackets. Crazy. Loved the color-spotting, though. Even the graduation caps were largely blue and purple. Ooh, and Bella's lip color was a lovely plum -- gotta get my hands on that stuff. There were a few golden accents thrown in as well throughout the film -- to go with the amber eyes, I'm assuming.

How could I have missed this color combo the first three times around?

Oh, I know how. Rob Pattinson. Yep. That'll do it.


  1. you are a DORK.
    a lovely, brilliantly talented dork, though.

  2. LOL... I still haven't seen it... but sure as hell I'm gonna be paying attention to their outfits now! haha!