Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

In order to get this (and more goodies from the Cheesecake Factory)

we had to brave New Year's Eve traffic here:

Ah, Waikiki.
It's generally a place associated with images like this

(aw, sweet)
but did you know that it also offers views like this?

Ugh! I totally meant to take this photo of the bicycles leaning against the tree. I came home to discover this on my memory card. Yipes. That's what I get for snapping photos as I drive.

Anyway, it's New Year's Eve here, and we're all about the new.

New shirt (Gap). The daughter is a must-have accessory.

New shoes (Simple). Did you know that these are made out of hemp, recycled water bottles, and discarded tires? For $55, you too can wear your global conscience on your feet!

New challenges. Check 'em out here.

explosives. Yep. Rob and Z loaded up on firecrackers and other loud and sparkly flammables and are outside right now adding pollution to the already pink -- nope, make that red -- air. My inhaler and I are spending New Year's Eve indoors, thank you very much.

Here's to breathing easily in the new year! Have a good one.

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