Saturday, January 17, 2009

"I Shall Be Telling This With a Sigh Somewhere Ages and Ages Hence"

Today was a day of profound choices.

I love going to the movies. Sometimes, I go for the escape. Sometimes, I go for the food. Today, I proved just how bad my movie food cravings can be.

I saw Hotel for Dogs today. Willingly.

My favorite (and I use this term loosely) part was the credits -- not just because this signified the end of the film, but also because it featured cast and crew members with their pets. Very cute. It made me rethink my existing pet photos. I'm always trying to get Mazie to sit still for photos, and I think it's time that I just accept that she's not a "sit still" kind of dog. It's time for me to embrace the joy of rolling in puddles with her.

Have I mentioned that she's had FOUR baths in the past three weeks? Sheesh. Gotta love the rainy season and a dog who loves to drink, plunge, and roll (usually in that order) in mud puddles.

Anyway, as Z and I walked out of the movie and through the mall, we started talking about our move to the mainland. I started explaining how the move would be expensive, and that we would need to save money.

Then we walked past a store, saw that the Hurley tees were 30% off, and I completely forgot my train of thought.

Two for Z...
and four for me!
I'm going to just pretend that I was an amnesiac during the hours between twelve (when I made the decision to see Hotel for Dogs) and four (when I was handed the receipt for six t-shirts). When I wonder how I came to be the owner of four coolio t-shirts, I can read this post and feel a dim recollection of this day.

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