Friday, January 16, 2009

Woo and Hoo!

I woke up this morning, logged into Two Peas in a Bucket, and my jaw dropped when I saw this:

and this:

I really did not expect that this would happen when I sat down last night to do some therapeutic scrapping. Work has been crazy lately, but yesterday we received word that a storm front was on its way, and so the superintendent decided to close the schools. With no lessons to plan for the next day, I jumped on the chance to play with paper.

As for that storm, it's been a bit rainy today (and I really do mean a bit), and the winds have been slightly more present than usual, but the 60 mph winds predicted for last night and this morning have yet to materialize around here. The high wind warning was canceled at 10:00 a.m. I can definitely embrace the "better safe than sorry" approach that the state, schools, and many companies took when they asked people to just stay home, but what started out as a possible calamity ended up as a holiday, and it's a teeny tiny bit amusing. The beaches were closed in preparation for The Storm, but I can only imagine how many surfers are out there right now. The waves are 20-25 feet on the North Shore today. Yipes!

Just now, the drizzle stopped and the sun is shining right through the clouds -- gotta love these pineapple showers.


  1. it's an awesome layout! love that you screen captured it up at 2peas! :)

  2. Yay, Jill! So well deserved! That was one of many awesome layouts you've created! I'm such a big fan!