Saturday, January 31, 2009

You Go, Macrophages!

My immune system and I really do try to get along. Unfortunately, my immune system belongs to a teacher who works in a school where parents send sick children to occupy seats in the class because the perfect attendance award matters more than, say, health. I was sick in early January, and now I'm sick again. Surprise, surprise! Perfect attendance means bunk to me, though. When I'm sick, I stay home. I prefer to teach by example that way.

In any case, this round of germiness was a doozy. I definitely prefer colds to stomach bugs, so I won't complain too much, but this cold came with a burning throat. Yuck. I've been living on hot tea for two days. Luckily, this morning, the burning has subsided to embers, though it was replaced by a nose that refuses to inhale or exhale, and a good ol' sinus headache. Joy.

Still, I have my hands! As my macrophages did battle, I was able to put together a page that I actually quite love. It's a self-portrait, a "compendium" of me:It's almost as if losing my ability to smell or speak prompted my scrapabilities to compensate. Eerie.


  1. Gosh! I love that page Jill! Submit! submit!!

  2. Hi Jill,
    Sorry to hear about all your germs!!
    But hey at least you have done a totally gorgeous Page!