Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Fooling

This month's Bad Girls kit is raring to go, full of bright, funky, and spring-y goodness! I just spent the last half an hour swooning over the design team gallery, and I'm about to go back for more.

Here are the pages I put together with the April kit. You can click on the images if you need a closer look:

This month we also had a chance to create with the fun products from C and T Publishing. I received a canvas album, and had a blast covering it with paint and gesso and crafty love.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Messy Gene

For generations, the women in my family have been clean freaks. Apparently the spic-and-span gene has mutated into the messy gene, starting with my generation, and my daughter is proof that the mutation continues. Rather than yell at her about her messy room, I took pics of her unique (dis)organizational approaches and documented them on this page last night:

It's a total explosion of color, which makes sense, given the topic. If we really are gearing up to move a few months from now, I can only imagine how long it's going to take us to get organized. Ugh.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


The April Bad Girls kit has me feeling spring-y. It's bursting (as in, ka-pow!) with bright colors and fun(ky) patterns. Here are some sneaky peekies:

As further evidence of how awesome this kit is, my own kit is basically in shambles -- I've torn through it and harvested every little detail from the papers. I can't wait until the DT gallery is in full "bloom" on the night of the reveal. I'm so curious to see what my fellow Bad Girls are doing with this fantastic kit.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brilliant Brilliance

Oh, Flight of the Conchords, how I love thee. You are the remedy for this sprawling mess of a week.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lucky Me

One of my students gave me this flower today, and it sat on my desk, receiving my silly grins. I love St. Patrick's Day. I especially love the overabundance of green. People should be able to have at least one day out of each year when they get to be surrounded by their favorite color all day long -- ooh, and get to pinch people who aren't wearing it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

What Goes Around...

Tonight I shared the first of my journals with my daughter.

I was a fifth grader when I started keeping a journal regularly. Through the years, I've filled an entire bin with these books. Initially, I saved them for me, not for anyone else, especially since they weren't written with an audience in mind. They tell my story -- from my tweaked point of view. They are me, in a sense, so I can't imagine getting rid of them, even though they contain some things that make my adult self cringe.

These days, though, my daughter seems to be dealing with a lot of what I went through when I was her age, and so I decided to share my fifth and sixth grade journals with her. Friendship issues, major crushes, diatribes about school -- of course she'd relate, right? It's been years (two decades, actually), since I last read these, and boy, was I in for a treat tonight. After reading a few pages with her, it hit me -- how is it that my daughter is far more sheltered than I was at her age? The things I obsessed about back then were pretty nutty.

My daughter found it all so amusing, though. I think her favorite parts of the journal were my lists. Amidst the almost-daily entries, I kept lists, mostly based on contrasts (i.e. "People I Like", "People I Hate" -- constantly moving items back and forth, of course). She was rolling, nearly in tears, as we took turns reading aloud from my list of "Boring Things" and "Unboring Things."

And of course, I'll share some of the highlights:

"Unboring Things" include...
  • Lisa Bear
  • piano
  • birthdays
  • Judy Blume
  • money
  • writing
  • Michael J. Fox
  • swimming
  • Jesus
  • Xerox copiers
  • Addams Family
  • 93 FMQ
  • my lucky number 7
"Boring Things" include...
  • Gregg (my brother)
  • emergency warning bells
  • the news
  • divorces
  • hard rock
  • stomachaches
  • "The People's Court"
  • soccer practice
  • Mrs. Shimote (one of my teachers)

I find the word "boring" an odd (and disturbing) choice to describe things like "emergency warning bells" and "divorce," but I remember using that word a lot as a kid. It was a powerful word, really, because it declared disinterest, case closed, enough said, no more for me. No wonder I get so agitated when I hear my students use the word -- not about me, of course. I am unboring. Always. Ha.

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Stolen Page

This is a stolen page -- that is, in a good way. I know that I've heard (and have been guilty of saying), "I wish I had more time to scrap." Well, I've been on the edge of making that declaration this week, and I decided to just shut up and SCRAP! Yep, although this page took two days of "stolen" minutes here and there, it was so worth it.

The March Bad Girls kit has been radiating tempting "use me" vibes since I last used it to make my design team creations, so I couldn't resist using it once again for this layout. The colors make me so happy. I also need to get my hands on more of this American Crafts cardstock. My favorite color is green -- THIS green. I luh-luh-love it so...

I'm so happy it's Friday. Not only is it time for the guest designer chat at Bad Girls Kits, it's also a time when scrappy possibilities are everywhere. It's a busy weekend for me, though, so I'm going to have to "steal" a few more minutes here and there, I'm sure.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Today I realized that I haven't snapped a photo in a long time...not since last week Saturday. I know that's just a few days ago, but really, it's NOT! I usually snap photos daily. This is how I know that I'm in one of my high stress periods. Unacceptable. I am taking my camera to work with me tomorrow. It WILL be used.

On the bright side, the March Bad Girls Kit and the DT's creations are featured on the Prima blog today. Check it out here. Speaking of Bad Girls and good surprises, c'mon over and join Sharon Laakonen (the guest designer for this month and scrap genius extraordinaire) on the chat forum at Bad Girls Kits tomorrow at 6-7 PST.

One more day until the weekend...hold tight!

Monday, March 2, 2009

With the Qualities of a Pheasant

I've been falling in love with Flight of the Conchords all over again these days. This little gem just confirms their brilliance.