Friday, April 17, 2009

Five Faves Friday

(1) Scrabble.

When I was in my third trimester and finding it impossible to sleep, Rob and I would stay up into the wee hours of the morning playing Scrabble. He didn't seem to care that I beat him every single time. Now, eleven years later, he's still willing to play Scrabble with me, and to lose every single time. Actually, I think he may have almost won once. The board somehow "fell" off the table and the tiles scattered everywhere. He claims that he was in the lead, and so he considers that game his one victory. Tragically, we'll never know how that game would have turned out.

Last night, we played Scrabble again, this time with our sweet little spawn. She's pretty good. She was not happy with me, though. I was able to use all of my tiles twice during the game, and both times on a triple word score -- the first time for "dismayed", and the second time for "ravings." I really don't play to win -- it's all about the wordplay. Fine -- the winning is a teeny bit fun, I admit.

(2) Delta Seafoam paint.

I picked up this paint a few days ago and I luh-uh-uhve it.

(3) My new inhaler.

Yay for breathing!

(4) Root Beer.

I am horribly addicted to root beer. Initially, it was my "crossover" drink, to help me kick my Pepsi habit. When I was craving something carbonated, root beer would do the trick. Now I drink it more than water. Bad, bad, bad habit. I'm craving one right now, in fact. On the upside, I can't drink Pepsi any more -- I hate the taste. Unfortunately, although the root beer I drink doesn't have the caffeine that Pepsi contains, root beer does have more calories than Pepsi. If I stopped drinking root beer, I think I'd easily lose five pounds. So why is this even on my favorite things list? Because it's wonderful.

(5) TTV's.

TTV's are awesome.
I don't care if they look gritty or grungy.
In fact, that may be why I like them so much.

ETA: Nellie McKay gets an honorable mention this week for tongue-in-cheek brillliance.

(Thanks for the link, Stacy!)


  1. Jill!! I LOVE your faves!!
    A&W Rootbeer with vanilla ice cream!!!MY FAVORITE!!! Yummy!!
    Scrabble is so much fun...
    Welcome to the fff club!!!
    Have a great weekend!!
    Take Care!

  2. That paint looks like a lot of fun!!!

  3. MMM Root Beer... Pepsi! YAY for soda!

  4. i DESPISE scrabble. mostly because i always have the worst luck ever, and lose to the boy EVERY SINGLE TIME. lol.