Friday, April 24, 2009

Five Faves Friday

1. Last Friday, I celebrated my new inhaler's arrival, and this week, following my third doctor's appointment this month, I'm celebrating even more good drogas in the house. Goodbye bronchitis, hello clear airways!
Granted, I can't drive now or go into the sun until I'm off the meds, but at least I'm not hacking and wheezing 24/7 anymore.

2. Mochi Crunch. There are many (many) brands of this stuff available everywhere on island, but the best of the best can only be found at the movie theater, for $4 a bag.

It's insane, I know, but sometimes I will go to watch a movie just because I'm craving this stuff. Today, my sweet, sweet husband surprised me by bringing some home for me. Who needs flowers?

3. Rob also brought home something else for me:

W-wow! A new sewing machine! I think he took pity on me, since my old machine refused to work with me this week.

4. Gesso. My fingers have been covered in this happy goopy stuff lately. I'm loving it!

I've been slathering it on pages, creating accents, stamping in it, and painting over it. Gesso is so versatile. Next week my Technique Tuesday post over at Bad Girls Kits is all about the gesso, so check it out if you can!

5. This week, Rob and I discovered The Unusuals. We've been DVR-ing it for weeks now, and finally sat down to watch it. It's a pretty funny show, with some amusing and intriguing characters.

It's still not what I'd consider strong, but it has its moments...and dark humor, which I love. Given a chance, the show could become even better. It definitely deserves a place on my faves this week...even if only for featuring Cat Power's "Metal Heart" at the end of this week's episode and for introducing me to the song "Lord, Lord, Lord" by the Kahn Brothers.


  1. Great FIVES!! I have been wondering about the Unusuals..guess I have to check them out and I seem to enjoy the same type shows/movies! Love that you can breathe now...YAY for the new sewing machine!!!

  2. congrats on the new Singer! How fun!!! Now what is this candy? I have never even heard of it! what does it taste like??? Anyway! Great List and I hope you are having a great weekend! xoxo~ Zoa

  3. So jelly over your new sewing machine! What a nice Mr. you have! Can he call my Mr. and tell him to buy me one?

  4. yay on the new sewing machine! that's the best :) fun list of things, i like the idea!

  5. Gotta love medication when it makes you feel better! Hope your hacking has gone away so you can play with your new machine!

  6. GESSO!!!! I swear I am going to AC Moore right after work to get some of this stuff!!! I NEED to try it!!! LOL and then a sewing machine will be next on the list...
    Awesome FIVES!

  7. What a wonderful husband you have!?

  8. Hey sister! I am totally curious about that crunchy candy mix stuff, that looks TASTY!
    And I think that you and I have the same sewing machine. But umm chances are that you will actually use yours, my bobbin ran out at Christmas time and I haven't used it since. I am soooo sewing challenged that it isnt even funny!