Saturday, April 18, 2009

Give a Man a Camera

You've heard the advice before, I'm sure -- "Include yourself in photos more often. Don't always be the one taking the photos."

So I've made the effort; I've handed over the camera.

Every single time I hand over the camera to Rob, I find pics like this when I upload the photos later.

Blurry boobs.
Blurry butt.
Boob zoom.
Butt zoom.
Variations on a theme.

I get it. It's his way of saying that I am his favorite subject. I am his muse. I inspire him.
Or something.


  1. thats the spirit Jill, lol...he simply adores you!! =)

  2. hahahah...i find weird pics when i hand over the camera to the boy, too. love the LO :)

  3. Oh I totally thought it was only my DH that did that, lol! It only got worse when I got the DSLR, he said it was because there's no live view. Um, yeah right.
    Awesome idea for a LO!

  4. i have no choice but to laugh.. heeehee... sounds like mine! love the layout Jill!

  5. bwhahaha....that is so funny! my guy is learning. I'm always directing him. hapy friday!

  6. OMG that is the funniest thing ever! I showed hubby he thought it was great. I bet he will be asking to take more pics now! LOL!

  7. perfect reason to do the self portrait challenge. my friend has the same exact issue with her husband. this totally cracks me up!