Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hambly, Pavlov. Pavlov, Hambly.

You know how it works.
Someone says "Hambly," and somewhere, a scrapper salivates. Fingers start to itch.

Just as Pavlov's dog reacted to that ringing bell, we paper-loving chicks gravitate toward the Hambly...and we Bad Girls know just what to with it when it's in our hands. Yep, some of the DT creations using the purply butterfly goodness in this month's Bad Girls kit are being featured on the Hambly blog.

You may notice that one particular DT member (ahem, me) is not featured on the blog post. Alas, I only used a bit of the Hambly on one of my layouts this month, "Eleven".

I was saving the rest of the transparency to use for my Project 52 creation later this month, but then my project morphed, and now my butterflies are currently flitting around my scrap stash waiting for another opportunity. I'm sure they'll find one soon!

In any case, now that I've established the Awesomeness Quotient of said Hambly transparency, you may be interested in checking out this linky-link for a chance to win not only the transparency, but the ENTIRE Bad Girls April kit.

You know you want it.
I did say "Hambly," after all.
Let the salivating and finger-itching commence.

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