Monday, April 13, 2009

The TTV Addiction Begins

I've been noticing oh-so-coolio and funky photo frames on blogs and layouts recently, and after a little bit of detective work, I found out that they actually have a name -- TTV's, as in "Through the Viewfinder."

April Foster has a very easy-to-follow tutorial for using TTV's with PSE on her blog -- right here. After reading it this evening, I had fun playing around with some pics that I took today:

I used this link initially to find my first TTV (used in the pics above), but later discovered this one, too. Then I discovered that they're EVERYWHERE. There's something magical about TTV's. I love the effect!

Off to go play some more...

ETA 04/14/09 -- Perhaps TTV's aren't for everyone. My mom saw one of the pics today and asked, "What's with all of the black spots on the photo?" Ha! Huh. So I see vintage-cool, while she sees...dirty. I get it...eye of the beholder and all.

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