Friday, May 8, 2009

Five Faves Friday

1. Poetry. I've been keeping volumes of poetry by Jane Hirshfield and W.H. Auden nearby this week, reading on the fly...loving the magic that the "right words in the right order" can work on me, even when I am feeling distracted and harried. Just a minute -- sometimes seconds -- to be still with a few lines is all I need to tweak my perspective. The second stanza of Auden's "May" has haunted and delighted me all week:
May with its light behaving
Stirs vessel, eye and limb,
The singular and sad
Are willing to recover,
And to each swan-delighting river
The careless picnics come
In living white and red.

Our dead, remote and hooded,
In hollows rest, but we
From their vague woods have broken,
Forests where children meet
And the white angel-vampires flit,
Stand now with shaded eye,
The dangerous apple taken.

The real world lies before us,
Brave motions of the young,
Abundant wish for death,
The pleasing, pleasured, haunted:
A dying Master sinks tormented
In his admirers' ring,
The unjust walk the earth.

And love that makes impatient
Tortoise and roe, that lays
The blonde beside the dark,
Urges upon our blood,
Before the evil and the good
How insufficient is
Touch, endearment, look.
2. Jenni Bowlin Pearl Flowers. Lo-lo-lo-lo-love 'em.

I wish they came twenty to a pack. I'm running out. Sigh.

3. The latest Anthropologie catalog. I love the photography in these catalogs -- and the surprises that each catalog contains. The clothes are always beautiful, the prices are always high, but Anthro always delivers something unexpected. I loved the one in which children modeled the bags and jewelry, playing dress-up. The one that came in the mail today made me smile:

I get a kick out of the impressionistic cover and the water nymph approach in this one. So cool. I have no idea how these clothes will actually look in a non-watery environ, but who cares? It's Anthro. Even soaking wet, the clothes are fab. You can see the rest of the catalog here, if'n you're interested.

4. Raisinets. I can't stop eating them -- and that is unusual, given that I am not really a candy person. A candy bar every few weeks? Maybe. But craving Raisinets on a daily basis? So not me...and yet, this week, it's totally me.

Does this count as a daily serving of fruit? I need to finish this post so that I can dive into the bag I just photographed.

5. Koko. All week she's been a sweetheart. Today I passed by my bedroom window and I felt something brush my arm and "meow." She was sprawled on the windowsill. Luckily, my camera was nearby, to capture my fifth fave in her most authentic mode.


  1. awww how cute is that cat????

    raisins huh? idk ... lol....
    great FFF's! :D

  2. Aaaaaw look at your kitty soaking up some rays! Love it :)
    Those peral flowers looks GORGEOUS!!!

  3. GREAT shot of your kitty...I have SUCH a hard time getting a photo of Sayuri...she just darts away or moves in too close. Mmmm I think raisenettes at least cound as fiber...LOL!

  4. Your kitty is so sweet just laying in the window sill loving life...we all should be doing that!!!
    I haven't had Raisinets in years...but I think it counts as fruit!!!!
    Beautiful poem....
    Enjoy your weekend!!

  5. so I might be retarded, but what is "five faves friday"?

  6. Great fives.
    Your cat is cuuuute and I love that catalog =)

    Have a wonderful weekend

  7. an anthro catalog came for one of the previous occupants of this apt so i stole it and i've been devouring it too :)