Friday, May 15, 2009

Five Faves Friday

1. Last week I posted about my love for Anthropologie catalogs. This week, I'm posting about what that love can lead to:These came in the mail yesterday. I've been eyeing the last one for awhile now, and I actually found it on SALE at I love the colors and the pattern, but I also love that it has an incredibly cute and nerdball name: the "Thesis Statement" blouse.

2. Compliments. We all like to receive compliments, but there is nothing quite like the rush of giving one and seeing someone receive it with surprise and delight. This morning at the bakery, the woman behind the counter was wearing a lovely purple shirt. Before leaving, I made sure to tell her how much I liked it. This is a woman I speak to about once or twice a week, and our conversation is always limited to doughnuts, cupcakes, and brownies. Today, though, after I complimented her, it was as if she came alive for a moment -- something shifted in the way she carried herself. She smiled broadly -- and I felt soooo good for making her feel that way.

3. I am loving these American Crafts Typo Thickers in mustard:

These letters totally pop on layouts. They're genius. I also have them in peacock and black. I would love it if they came in other colors, shamrock, my fave AC color ever. Now those would be truly swoonworthy.

4. Star Trek!
We saw this movie last weekend, and it was terrific! I've never really been a fan of the old school Star Trek or its offshoots. I watched all of the movies as a kid, as well as a bunch of episodes, and found them mildly entertaining. I did shed a few tears for Spock at the end of The Wrath of Khan -- who doesn't weep openly at the sound of bagpipes? -- but the movie was so incredibly bad, I don't remember much more than that. Although I'm no Trekkie, I do know enough about the series, though, to recognize that the new version definitely respects the old, while also going its own way. Great casting, too! It's definitely a must-see.

5. My favorite class this week easily was the day that my sixth graders and I read excerpts from Elie Weisel's essay "The Perils of Indifference." It was amazing to watch this group of 11- and 12-year-old students awaken to a new way of seeing, a new way of thinking.

In a way, to be indifferent to that suffering is what makes the human being inhuman. Indifference, after all, is more dangerous than anger and hatred. Anger can at times be creative. One writes a great poem, a great symphony, one does something special for the sake of humanity because one is angry at the injustice that one witnesses. But indifference is never creative. Even hatred at times may elicit a response. You fight it. You denounce it. You disarm it. Indifference elicits no response. Indifference is not a response.

Indifference is not a beginning, it is an end. And, therefore, indifference is always the friend of the enemy, for it benefits the aggressor -- never his victim, whose pain is magnified when he or she feels forgotten. The political prisoner in his cell, the hungry children, the homeless refugees -- not to respond to their plight, not to relieve their solitude by offering them a spark of hope is to exile them from human memory. And in denying their humanity we betray our own.

One student eloquently expressed that "we must not be indifferent; we must be the difference."


  1. Jill your favs ROCK! LOVE them ALL and (i liked star trek too!)shhhhhhhh don't tell my hubby, lol

  2. Love your favs! The orange top is my personal fav!!! Um...I just watched Wrath of Khan again yesterday and I love it too...oh well. We woke up early to watch the original Khan episode for contrast...the only thing I don't like is the way the historian is portrayed as super simpering woman...oh well guess ya'll would consider me a trekkie but I don't think I have enough reverence to be called one. LOL! But the new movie SO ROCKS...I think it's a really good movie even if you don't like Trek. I have ordered the comic that prequels the is supposed to be awesome and give you details left out of the movie so I can't wait for that phone call. It's called Countdown in case anyone else wants to know.

  3. Love the beautiful blouses!! You have very good taste!!!

    Great faves....I love Thickers too.. Great colors!!!

    You are so right on giving a compliment. You really can make someone's day...especially now days!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!
    Joanie :)

  4. BTW I love your trek pic!!!

  5. love this post. and i could have written parts of it myself (except i'm no trekkie, HEE). i really feel that you and i have lots in common!! xo

  6. Awesome faves!!! I haven't seen Star Trek yet but I really want to. I like giving people compliments too. You never know when someone is having an awful day and a compliment might perk them up just a bit.

  7. LOVE your fives this week...Those blouses are so pretty LOVE them

    Have a wonderful week =)

  8. that last top is SO CUTE!!!!! but i love the orange one too.

  9. gorgeous new tops!!! and swoonworthy.. me likey! :D

  10. i had to read that (night) at school this year. profound.

  11. I love your bringing Elie Wiesel's work to the classroom. Reading the Night trilogy in college changed how I thought about a lot of things. And the Star Trek movie was awesome. And I did not know that 10=2 in binary and my wife (the computer programmer) heckled me mercilessly. And nice blog!