Saturday, May 2, 2009


Happy National Scrapbook Day!

Today I spent the day with the crazy and talented chicas over at Bad Girls Kits. I've never been into NSD -- it's just been like any other scrappy Saturday for me in the past -- but this year, I had so much fun. I've only been part of the Bad Girls community for a few months, and I love how close-knit everyone is there. It's totally the Cheers of the scrapbooking world -- "where everybody knows your name."

In any case, I was able to take on all of the challenges that were part of today's festivities. I am a total challenge junkie, so it was nice to fall into challenge after challenge today.

(1) Kara's challenge was to create a layout based on a room. I walked into each room of my house, gave each one a "meh", and then it hit me -- my classroom! An hour later, I had finished this layout:

(2) Cari's challenge was to use stamping on a layout along with a stamping technique (I used embossing), and Suzanne's challenge was styled after Bingo. I chose the "G" column, which challenged me to use stamping, black and white pics, glitter, brads, and an old item from my stash. I used an old piece of fabric that's been in my stash since...well...since I've had a stash, methinks.

For a long time I've been wanting to use this photo of my mother-in-law at her first birthday. I love the way this turned out. Something about "vintage" photos gives me extra creative fuel.

(3) Sri's challenge was to scrap a layout about mom. I really don't take enough photos of my mother, and as a result, I don't make enough pages about her, either. I'm glad I had this photo of her from Easter. The journaling for this page was a long time coming. I finished the page itself in minutes -- and then I sat staring at the page, waiting for the words to come. Finally, they did.

(4) My challenge was to create a page about what makes you a bad girl. Those who played along came up with some great layouts. Here's my layout:

(5) The last challenge of the day was one that I'd been anticipating with eagerness and a little nervousness. Dena challenged us to create a layout in 15 minutes or less. I am not a speedy scrapper by any means, so I knew this would be a true challenge for me. Once the clock started, I was surprised at how smoothly everything flowed. There's no time to question yourself when there's only 15 minutes on the clock. I began by sifting through photos, and I found a goofy pic that Z took of Rob and me back in February. I immediately thought, "Now that's real love," and everything took off from there. Instead of using adhesive on each paper, which would have been time consuming (given the challenge), I just sewed across the layout in three places. The scan is kind of crooked, but I actually like the results. Given more time, I'm sure I would have added a few accents and ensured that everything was placed just so, but I'm fine with it this way. It's charming. It's a bit messy. It's real love.

Overall, it was a great NSD. I can't wait for next year!


  1. love when you post layouts Jill...because you never fail to amaze. every single one of these...and your mama is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Wow you got a lot done! These are great, TFS!

  3. These layouts are all wonderful. I love your challenge!

  4. Jill-all of your LO's rock--NSD was so fun and your LO's came out so amazing!!! (as usual)

  5. I so love your style!!