Friday, June 26, 2009

Five Faves Friday (Homebound Version)

1.  On Tuesday, following a fun foray up my left nostril, my doctor informed me that I had Influenza A.  In addition to asking me to avoid the general public until Monday, he prescribed me lots of good drugs, including Tamiflu, which has earned itself the top ranking on my five faves list for the week.   It really works!   As he sent my sniffling zombie self off to fetch my prescription, my doctor told me that I would stop feeling "crappy" soon.  I know that the use of the word "crappy" is frowned upon as far as traditional bedside manner is concerned, but I actually found his word choice to be on point.  After all, I went to the doctor to stop feeling crappy, and now I'm not feeling as crappy.  Thank you, Tamiflu.  Thank you, Doc.  

2.  After years of using Elements, I finally made the switch:  I am now a Photoshop CS4 initiate.  After just a few weeks of playing around with the program, I have realized that I am holding a superbad-awesometastic-ray-gun-of-doom-and-glory in my hands, but I only know how to say "pow pow" and pretend to shoot stuff.   Time to be schooled.   Any advice?  

3.  One thing that I did learn how to do using CS4 was to load and use actions.  I've had my eye on Maggie Holmes's Photoshop actions for a while, and now that I've had a chance to use them, I love them!  I have the Color Mix Actions Set, and I love what it does to photos.  

Here's my mom in her loveliness, before and after Maggie's Urban Action: 

If you know of any other cool actions, do share.

4.  Now that the flu-related dizziness is dissipating, I can read again!  Yay!  I just started a new book last night, Beginner's Greek, by James Collins.  

On the surface, it appears to be "chick lit" written by a guy.  Odd.  It's even been compared to Pride and Prejudice a few times by reviewers (of course, so many books are, and just shouldn't be). A few pages in, though, and I'm thinking that this book may actually be...delightful.  It has a great "meet cute" in the opening pages.   So far, the book is entertaining and smartly written.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for this one.  

5.  Mmm...True Blood.  I can't get enough of this show.  Two shows into the new season, I'm hooked all over again.  Right now I'm wondering what's going to happen to Lafayette.  Rob is still pissed that his favorite character turned out to be the villain last season, and he's announced that if Lafayette dies, he's done with the show.  Yeah, right. There's no way that he can walk away from the show now, since he has it worse than a V addict.  There's also no way that Lafayette is going to die (at least, if he does, it'll only be temporary, if you catch my drift).  He's gold.  If the show lost him, it just wouldn't be the same. 

Stay healthy, all! 


  1. The book doesn't look like one I would pluck from the shelives. You'll have to let us know how you liked it in the end. I just might read it if you give it a good review.
    I'm also glad you're no longer feeling "crappy."

  2. So glad you are feeling better. I've heard very good things about Tamiflu!
    I am still in the middle of two books..Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and Girls in Trucks..Let me know how you like your book. I am always looking for a good read..Now I just need a little time:)
    Take care
    Joanie :)

  3. Love Tru Blood! I hope they make Lafayette a vampire. I have to check out that book too!! I hope you are feeling even more better soon!

  4. I'm still an elements girl, I fear that I would not be able to learn anything else. If I remember the link I will send it to you for the set of actions that I purchased.

  5. I have Maggie's actions too and just love them. There are some others that I got first....hmmm....Mindy's!! It was a more basic set but I use the 'vibrant' one a lot.