Friday, June 19, 2009

Five Faves Friday

The fact that it is Friday shouldn't bring about the level of jubilation that usually accompanies this day of the week during the regular school year, but this week was my first week of teaching summer school, so I am totally doing the TGIF happy dance right now.   

I'm actually really enjoying teaching summer school, though.  I have two groups of incredibly sweet and incredibly funny students, and I really do look forward to spending my mornings with them.  There's a kind of mellowness about summer classes that is difficult to establish during the regular school year.  

Still, it can be a challenge to keep these students entertained, empowered, and wanting to be there, knowing that the beach is just a block away and the blue skies are a-calling. Thus, today is definitely a day of sweet relief not just for me, but for my students, who have been putting in a lot of hard work this week.  

As soon as school finished today, Z and I went to a movie. We saw The Proposal.  The reviews weren't great, but we really enjoyed the movie.  It had a lot of laugh-out-loud moments, so that's always a bonus.  It's an escapist romantic comedy -- so as far as I'm concerned, it did its job.  We escaped.  I swooned a little.  I definitely laughed.  

Onto this week's faves:

1.  Trim.  Prima trim, to be specific.  I haven't actually put it to use just yet.  I've been content just holding it in my hands, admiring it.  It's almost too pretty to use! 

Almost.  I vow that this is the week that it will begin to materialize on my layouts.  

2.  Studio Calico letter stamps.  These came in the much-coveted Cherry Pop kit last week, and they've already earned their place as one of my favorite letter stamp sets ever.  I love how SC offers the perfect mix of classy , campy, and cute (not cutesy, mind you).  

3.  Summer reading.  During the regular school year, I rarely have time to read "me" books -- that is, those that I choose to read for purely selfish, non-lesson-related reasons.  Holiday and summer breaks, however, offer me a chance to spend my daughter's college fund at the bookstore and to hole up for days on end, reading.  I've made my way through a bunch of books already -- but sadly, I've encountered nothing remarkable, yet.  For me, it's all about closure -- an ending that should be followed by a mental "Amen".  It doesn't have to be a happy ending -- I'm not talking formula fiction here.  It just has to end.  Why do so many writers suck at endings? Seriously.  Why do so many editors not catch this all-too-common flaw?  

I still have a lot more books to explore, however.  Here's the "short stack" on my night table:  

Yes, some of the books are teaching-related.  Freaking work ethic.  

4.  "Susquehanna".  In addition to the novels that I've been plowing through lately, I have also been keeping Good Poems, an anthology edited by Garrison Keillor, very close at hand.  Every so often I'll open it and sigh...  

This one stopped my heart for a moment: 

Yes, I add notes to my books.  I couldn't NOT leave this note.  This last stanza is exactly where I am right now.  

5.  Anthro butterflies.  I wore these today -- they make me happy, fluttering near my ears, whispering tales of requited Anthropologie love.   


  1. Can I just explain to you the trim ho-ness that I have developed over the past year? Seriously, I cannot walk past the trim sections in the sewing section or the trim sections in the scrapbook store without a mild salvation. On due time I will use it all... or just hoard them to feel it between my fingers :)

  2. Jill, I just linked over to your blog after reading your comment on Stephanie Howell’s blog whereby you recommend “The School of Essential Ingredients”. I am so with you as far as your opinion on the endings of most books- I have the same issue with the majority of what I read. So, I am now going to pick up “The School…” based upon your comment, and it comes at the prefect time since I was looking for something to read on an upcoming trip. Do you have any other recommendations in the great ending category?

  3. Let me know how Unaccustomed Earth is. I've been eyeing it up for awhile.

    And, I can't get enough Jeff Wilhelm. He started his teaching career in WI, so he's back around here often. He's a great speaker.

  4. Oh those lovely have really good taste:)
    I love to read in the summer..I have a stack that I've been saving just for now :)
    We are going to the movies tonight to see The Proposal...glad you liked it.
    Take care,

  5. I agree that those Cherry Pop stamps are awesome! I can't wait till they are offered in the shop.

    Great DT LO's by the way. I loved looking at all of the details!

  6. I love your faves!! Those earrings are adorable! I too just like to hold my prima trim in my hands and admire it!! I am book obsessed but I have to say the stack on your nightstand rivals mine! I know what you mean about authors copping out on endings. Thats how I felt about Sarah's Key! We need some really good authors! Let me know if you find one!!

  7. Looooooooove your fave five! Totally jealous of your Studio Calico stamps! And I'm stealing part of the Liz Rosenberg poem for my art journal entry today! Thanks for the inspiration!