Friday, July 24, 2009

Five Faves Friday

1. Winning. As much as I appear to be egalitarian in spirit, the truth is that I am fiercely competitive -- but usually silently so. You'll never see me stab my finger at someone, declaring, "Boo-yah! In your FACE!" That's just bad form. You may notice that while I appear to embrace a victory with poise and dignity, my body betrays me. My feet start doing a happy-tapping dance. The corners of my mouth begin to reach for my earlobes, while my sensibilities keep herding them back. I love the rush that comes with winning, but I also understand what it means to be humble -- that is, unless I just OWNED my dear husband.

Everyone knows that the games at the fair aren't fun. They're primitive and ritualistic. So much pressure hangs on every gesture. Males throw sharp or rounded objects at targets, in the hopes of walking away with some trophy to use as sexual collateral. Said trophies, presented to admiring females, have much the same effect as pheromones, indicating high levels of testosterone and reproductive potential (i.e. the ability to hit one's mark and be celebrated for it).

So what does it mean, then, when the male's darts seek out the peg board rather than the balloons? What does it mean when the female stops admiring and steps forward, darts in hand, and walks away with not one, but two prizes?

It means I WON! I WON! I WON! That's what it means. Boo-yah! In your FACE!

2. Gossip Girl. For some time now, I rolled my eyes at the concept of a show about Manhattan prep school kids on the CW channel. I mean, just look at them:

However, a few friends have been telling me how much they love Gossip Girl, so rather than form a judgment without seeing the show for myself, I decided to add the first season to my Netflix queue. So what did I think of the show?

Let's see. Today I spent eight hours watching back-to-back episodes. The only other show that I can do that with is Sex and the City (although I can watch SATC episodes over and over, while I can't really see myself revisiting the GG episodes anytime soon). I'm just finishing the first season -- one more disk to go -- and I'm actually liking the show. It's actually pretty entertaining, with interesting characters (and characters I love to hate). Although initially I thought I'd be laughing at the show, I find myself actually laughing with the show at times.

I know I shouldn't like this show, but I do. So that's that. When it comes to guilty pleasures, it's way too hard not to give in to the pleasure. The guilt just makes the pleasure even more delicious.

Once upon a time my dream job was being a writer on a soap -- lots of creative liberty there, with the ability to kill or resurrect characters and not ever have to consider the plausibility of either action. Gossip Girl has a lot in common with soaps, especially in its real-unreality, so I'm thinking I'll settle for a job on that show. If you hear of any openings... :)

3. Water. I'm adding this to my favorites this week purely as a psychological strategy.
Water is better than root beer.
Water is better than root beer.
Water is better than root beer.
It's my favorite. Oh, yes it is.
Water is better than root beer.
Now that I've added it here, it must true, right?

One thing I genuinely do like about water is that I know that I'm not imbibing any empty calories when I drink it. So there. Water is better than root beer. Mostly.

4. Zoo Days. A trip to the zoo is always fun, whether it's planned in advance or totally spontaneous. A few days ago, Z and I joined my friend Peggy and her kids for a day at the Honolulu Zoo, and we had a blast. I haven't seen Peggy in years, and it was great to catch up while periodically pausing to call to the monkeys, to gawk at the tarantula, or to marvel at the giraffes. Peggy actually knows many of the animals by name, because she takes the kids to the zoo so often. This, for instance, is Violet the orangutan:

When we got to the sun bear exhibit, the bear was too far away to see. All of a sudden, Peggy belted out, "Jun! Jun!" The bear immediately perked up and came running toward us eagerly, and dare I say, happily? I was amazed. Peggy shrugged it off: "We come here a lot." No kidding, woman! Wow.

5. Prima Gallery Roses. I know that there's a new release from Prima coming soon, but I'd like to dwell a little longer on the current loveliness known as Prima Gallery Roses. I just got a bunch in the mail a few days ago. Even though I don't usually use flowers on layouts as a matter of habit, I have a feeling that these roses will change that.
They're so pretty, aren't they? I love the ones with tinges of blue, too:
Have a great weekend, all! I'll leave you with some happy scrappiness:


  1. I saw those roses yesterday at the LSS... I loved them but passed because I was buying too much Tim Holtz stuff and I couldn't let it go. HA!

  2. :) the prima roses.. i feel the same way. my first time buying flowers in years! can't resist them. and you and me, we can vegetate all day long drinking root beer and watching GG! :D

  3. Oh Jill, I must agree with you on the Gossip girl, I watched many a back to back, LOL!!! Gotta love me some crazy Chuck and Blaire!!! WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER!!!!

  4. Love your layouts!!! You're so talented.
    Congrats on the fair prizes. I never win at them.
    I love zoos too.
    And I need those Prima flowers! I'll hug them, and squeeze them, and horde them forever.

  5. love your scrappy goodness, thank you for sharing, brilliant layouts as always! I particularly love how you used the busy Junebug paper and make it look so fabulous!

  6. Great Layouts Jill!!
    You are a very entertaining writer...I really enjoy reading your 5's every week!

    Prima!!! I want it ALL........

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I love those Prima roses! And I think I just might be adding Gossip Girl to my Netflix very soon!!