Friday, August 28, 2009

Five Faves Friday

Just a quick list before the clock strikes midnight and these become Saturday faves:

1. As soon as I walked in the door this afternoon,
my husband Rob (a total WoW geek) demanded
that I drop everything and watch this:

Geek-sexy. The video features Felicia Day,
whom you may recognize from...
2. Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog.
I saw this for the first time today
(thanks once again to Rob).
How had I never heard of this before today?

3. This week, we've been busy launching
my daughter's student council campaign,
and I must admit, I am so loving
what our late nights and
last minute efforts have produced.

Win or lose,
at least we both learned more about Photoshop. :)

4. Did you catch Sunday night's episode of True Blood?
I can't believe
that there are only two episodes left of the season.
This show always keeps me guessing.
I seriously have no idea where the plot is
going next, and I DIG that.
No clue. All I know is that I hope that
Maryanne gets her comeuppance.
She both intrigues and annoys me.
Mostly the latter.
I've been curious about the book series,
but I don't want anything to
cloud my vision of the show right now.
Maybe once the season ends,
I'll read the first couple of books.
I've heard that there are some big differences.
If any of you have read them, how's the writing?

5. My last favorite is my BEST favorite for the week.
During a science experiment a few days ago in class,
one of my students --
who can always use a confidence boost --
suddenly threw up his arms in the air
and shouted,
He was overjoyed that his results confirmed his hypothesis.

I won't remember the experiment,
but I will always remember his face.

Sorry for the simple and dirty fives this week --
it's been a long one!

Before I pass out for the night,
here's a layout I did last weekend
using Lily Bee patterned paper, Prima flowers,
and bits and pieces from my
latest Studio Calico kit, among other items:

Ooh, and have you seen the new release
from Collage Press, "Joyride"?
Check it out here.
I'm not usually a fan of Christmas lines.
I'll buy maybe one sheet and use it very sparingly.
This line, though, is not glitzy or overdone,
as so many Christmas lines are.
It's just plain PERFECT.
As such, I have to have it all, of course.

My favorite paper so far is this one:
It contains an excerpt from Pride and Prejudice.
Oh my.
I'm thinking layouts, mini albums, wallpaper.
This SO puts the joy in Joyride.
That and the fact that there are more lines to come!

P.S. Sorry about writing in "verse" form this time around.
The formatting on this post was kind of wonky.
I kind of like it this way, though. :)


  1. Zoe's ads for pres are should be really proud! Great LO too, love the pp!! Can't wait to see all the ATC's!

    Have to share: my word for verification of my post:

    damnem (and I'm from the south LOL)

  2. Oh those posters are fab! I need to learn how to use my photoshop... I am sure it would be useful... LOL

    Love that LO! Its freaking great as usual!

  3. Jill!!! My mom uses Don Pepino pizza sauce and adds oregino and things like that! It's a nice, thick sauce.
    OMG I love your fives this week! That vid is hilarious!!! I love Felicia Day and think she needs to record an album! She has a really nice voice!! I love the Sing Along Blog too!!! Are you a Dollhouse fan?? Felicia is joining the cast this season!! I can't wait!!

    Those ads for Zoe are so cool!!! Great job!!

  4. I absolultely love the eye chart ad for your daughter! It's creative and so cute!