Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Happy that she's feeling better.
Since Wednesday, she's been dealing with a fever that comes and goes.
After two doctor's visits
and a whole lot of worrying,
she's finally feeling better.

Happy that a box arrived today
with this
GREEN (green, I say!)
and STRIPED (striped, I say!)
Anthro dress.
It's even prettier in person.
The white is actually more of a cream.
It's love-love-loverly.
Happy to be a couch potato
with a purpose again.
It's premiere time!
So far, I'm loving The Big Bang Theory.
Still crushing on Sheldon BIG time.
Even with his facial hair.
Gossip Girl is o-kay (not as strong as past episodes),
and I'm liking Glee (though it's a little uneven at times...but it'll find its way).
Last Friday's episode of Psych was brilliant. Brill i ant.
The first five minutes of The Office still have me laughing almost a week later.
Up ahead: I can't wait to see Lie to Me and Grey's.
Geesh, I watch a lot of TV. Thank goodness for my DVR.

Happy to be able to play with paper again.
Sick child = worried mama.
Not exactly scrap-happy conditions.
When the fever finally started to drop,
and the helicopter mother impulses started to wane,
I finally found myself able to obsess about something other than
thermometers and WebMD again.

Here's a layout I created with the Lily Bee Audrey line, about my (sainted) sister-in-law Cheryl.

There's still a chance to win
the ENTIRE Audrey line, if'n you're interested.
Check out the details on the Lily Bee blog.


  1. I'm glad she is feeling better!!!! I am looking forward to Grey's too!

  2. glad she's feeling better!

    i *heart* that dress. and the cold open of the office was heeee-larious! i'm with you about gossip girl, but i found the first few episodes of the first two seasons to be a bit meh, so hopefully it'll get addicting again. LOL. and i <3 glee.