Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another Year Luckier

This morning, Rob surprised me with breakfast in bed. He had driven into Pearl City and picked up Cinnabon, Starbucks, cards, a balloon, and even a bouquet of sunflowers for me. How sweet! He came into the room singing "Happy Birthday to You..." The cinnamon rolls were topped with candles.

It's still kind of hazy, since I was seeing with early morning eyes, so I'm sure that the details will begin to fade over time...but I know I won't forget how amazing and thoughtful Rob is.

I don't even care that I was sick today. This was still one of the best birthdays EVER.


  1. Awe..Happy Birthday!! and sorry you are not feeling so good. Doesn't seem fair to be under the weather on your birthday.....
    Hope you still had a great day....very nice and thoughtful husband too... :)

  2. he's a keeper :) *hugs* sweetheart... Happy Birthday, again.

  3. Aaaw...happy birthday!! What a cute surprise, you got! :) You share the same birthday as my sister, too - too funny! Hope it was a lovely day!