Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Faves

Let it be known: I don't do Black Friday.

I have a hard enough time shopping on any other day. Why would I willingly surround myself with the one thing that I hate the most about shopping? Crowds. Ugh. Shudder shudder blanch blanch. On an average day, I hold my breath when I pass one or two people too closely in a store aisle; I don't think there's enough Albuterol in my inhaler to get me through Black Friday.

However, I still managed to make a few purchases today without entering the stampede:

1. $14. TWO tickets to see New Moon. Yes, again. This time I noticed what I missed last time. The werewolves' clothing bursts into shreds around them whenever they change. We're talking explosions of denim and skyrocketing sneakers. Way cool. Way expensive. Now there's a reason for a Black Friday special.

2. $9. ONE run to Starbucks on the way home. Edward's taste buds may whisper la tua cantante when he thinks of what he craves most, but mine whisper venti coffee frappuccino with whipped cream. The drink sings for me. I literally cannot pass a Starbucks these days without spending some of Zoe's college money. It's just not possible.

3. $20. ELEVEN awesome scrappy purchases from Lifetime Moments, including some of my favorite chipboard letters from Sassafras, for almost half off their usual price:

You can't beat 45% off everything in the store! Sadly, there's a reason for that great deal. LM is going out of business. It's such a bummer, because it's been one of my favorite online stores for scrapbooking supplies for years now. The changing economy has not been kind to our hobby, unfortunately. It must be so difficult for stores like LM to make the decision to close. It's also difficult on scrappers who want their favorite stores to keep existing, yet can't afford to literally pay the price to keep their stores afloat. This is why I choose not to spread my scrappy purchases too thinly. Customer loyalty makes a huge difference in these trying times.

4. $28. FOUR Studio Calico must-haves. Studio Calico is an example of one of the businesses that I support wholeheartedly, and the proof was in the pocketbook this morning (but it's not there anymore, tee hee). Today is the Studio Calico December kit reveal, and subscribers always get a head start. I could NOT resist getting extra SC patterned paper...

AND extra colored cardstock to match this month's SC kit, sunflower yellow Maya Mist, and the new SC months stamps:
I'm going to be one happy scrapper come December -- can't wait for the holiday break!

5. $0, or 5000 calories. ONE Friday evening with the family, eating Thanksgiving leftovers. Mmmm...gravy...

Have a happy weekend! Ooh, and before I wander off to eat gravy by the spoonful, let me share a few of the layouts I've been working on for Lily Bee and Collage Press:

Lily Bee Vintage Poppy line
(and a lift of the wonderful, talented, and always charming Stephanie Howell) --

Collage Press Joyride line (which is easily my favorite Christmas line EVER. Evah.) --

NOW it's gravy time.
Oh, yeah.


  1. Oooh I love that second layout!! :)

  2. oh wow.. thanks for sharing all the shopping details. so jealous of you over there in the states and all the wonder deals... as for now, running off to studio calico. i have got to get their latest kit. hope you had a great thanks giving!!! xoxo

  3. Glad to hear I'm not the only grownup whio has to go see the Twilight flicks more than once... and love what you said about Starbucks singing to you - that's precious.