Thursday, December 31, 2009


where there is doubt, faith
where there is a recipe, experimentation
where there is temptation, restraint
where there is this child, time
where there is a camera, click
where there is beauty, notice
where there is a smile, me
where there are calories, exercise
where there is an opportunity, growth
where there is this man, love
Each morning, my class begins the day with "The Prayer of Saint Francis." I get wrapped up in the language, which is truly all about balance. When it comes to seeking balance, we need to remember to calibrate the scale in terms of faith, hope, and love. This was the perfect inspiration for my 2010 resolutions. The first line comes directly from the prayer, and I riffed from there, using a similar structure from the second line onward. It all came together on the layout I did for this week's "fresh starts" post over on the Lily Bee blog.

Can you believe it's December 31 already? I'm off to celebrate by clearing away a few messes, in the hopes of creating new ones in 2010.

Best wishes for happiness and health in the new year!


  1. This is so stinkin' awesome! As usual :-)

  2. oh wow. this is beautiful. hm... looks like a lift might be in order......thanks for the inspo!

  3. this is AMAZING. I love how you used all lines of LB papers. Truly beautiful. Happy New Year (PS Balance is my word for the year too!)