Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This year, I've decided to get back on board
with the "12 on the 12th" challenge.
The idea is to take twelve photos on the twelfth of each month,
to capture the everyday in the course of a single day,
twelve times throughout a single year.

I did this two years ago, from January through December,
using the same layout design all year long.
I didn't share many of the layouts,
since many of them feature my students
(after all, they do occasionally show up in my daily life),
but here are a few from 2008:

By using the same design each month,
all I have to do is choose a 4" x 6" focal point pic,
print out 11 2" x 2" photos,
choose the background papers,
create journaling strips,
add accents to a few areas, and stamp the month and day.
The pages come together in no time at all.

Last year, though, I forgot to take photos on the 12th of January,
and it just felt wrong to try to play catch-up on the 13th,
so I opted out for the year.
Today, though, January 12th came around again,
and I actually remembered my camera.
Here is 1/12 of today's photos:

One of the reasons I like the "12 on the 12th" project so much
is because it allows me to document my days at school.

This poster hangs on the wall in my class.
Isn't it inspirational? :)
I chose it not just because it's bizarre AND true,
but also because it lets people know who I am
as soon as they walk into the classroom.
Your typical teacher doesn't really have photos of excrement
up on her walls, am I right?
It's a disarming kind of poster,
establishing my room as a "safe space" for those who like to
smile liberally.

Without "12 on the 12th,"
this photo might not have been taken otherwise,
and might have gone undocumented.
I tend to overlook the everyday at times,
and I'm glad that at least once a month,
I'm pushed to acknowledge the truth in Annie Dillard's statement that
"how we spend our days, of course, is how we spend our lives."


  1. oh i missed the 12th... maybe start mine next year? :D um.. i don't wanna be the statue. LOL.

  2. oh just adore the layouts! and what super great idea (not sure i would be able to join in) but definitely can't wait to see you creations :)

  3. Love, love, love, LOVE 12 on the 12th! So genius! So sorry that I missed the 12th this month...what to do? And as far as the poster is concerned, um...true. ;)