Wednesday, January 6, 2010

At Random

Random Happiness -- it is the best kind.
It's different from Requisite Happiness,
the kind you feel at office parties
and fake during uncomfortable group portraits,
or experience when the clerk at the store reminds you
that there is a sale on a product you never use
and you fake excitement because she's clearly been bursting to share this news with someone.

Nope, Random Happiness is not at all like Requisite Happiness.
You feel it in that little belly jump,
in the involuntary tweaking of the corners of your mouth,
in the way you lean in to get closer to the source of said happiness.
Simply put, it's delightful.
It's a rush.

Here's what's putting a smile on my face today:

Waking up to this on my DVR:

Listening to this:

Discovering this:

Loving all of the CHA sneaks. I haven't been disappointed yet!

Being featured on Write. Click. Scrapbook.

Stocking up on stampy goodness here:

Bella Blinkie with Border

I've been asked to be one of the designers for Scrapping Bella (sister company to Stamping Bella), and I can't wait to start creating with these amazing stamps!

And lastly, the greatest source of happiness today
has been spending the last day of the holiday break
with Miss Random Happiness herself:


  1. omgoodness, your daughter looks so much like you!! yay for the new gig w/ scrapping bella, they are an awesome company.

  2. yeah!!!! congrats on scrapping bella.. love their stamps & will be joining you for a while :)

  3. you and your daughter = twins! so cute!
    congrats on scrapping bella...that's awesome!!

  4. sounds like a lot of random happiness! congrats on the dt gig!

  5. Congrats! And I so need to get that album. Love vampire weekend.