Saturday, January 9, 2010

Take the Leap

Z and I watched Leap Year last night.
It didn't have great reviews,
and even the most positive reviews said things like, "It was painless."
Still, I like Amy Adams,
and I am all about the schmaltz,
so we decided to give it a try anyway,
and I'm SO glad we did.
It was a truly sweet, very pretty, incredibly romantic movie.

A few critics complained that it was anti-feminist,
about a woman who falls under some masculine spell,
but I don't see it that way.
I think it was actually anti-materialistic, if anything,
about a woman who breaks a self-imposed spell,
and liberates her heart.

I'm a proud feminist,
and I'm really just tired of the misguided belief
that falling in love, or love stories,
are somehow anti-feminist.
To be feminist is not only to embrace one's desires,
but also to critique those desires,
to be aware of how they are shaped and how they shape us.

Love is not about finding someone who will rescue you;
it's about finding an equal who gets you.
It's about being with someone who sees you,
and who challenges you,
and who respects you -- and you do the same for them.

Leap Year ultimately is not about the rescue;
it's about watching someone open her eyes,
and use them to look back at herself,
and take the leap toward love,
not losing herself, but finding herself.

And maybe this next statement is not feminist,
but oh, my gosh, Amy Adams' hair is incredible in this film.
If you don't see this film because you're addicted to schmaltz
or questioning your feminist sensibilities,
or planning a trip to Ireland,
see it for that amazing, Oscar-worthy red hair. Seriously. ;)


  1. Hmm I am going to see it next week with some friends of minds we have this one on the radar. She was so cute to me in Night of the Museum. Love it ..

    and thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the Love Dare .. I just had to put it out there ..

  2. Haven't seen the flick, but I totally agree with everything you said about love and anti-feminism. Cheers on saying it out loud!

  3. Jill, you words were so beautiful today. thank you. i love amy adams too.

  4. Will definitely see it. Thanks.

    (Saw Up in the Air on Friday night instead of this.)