Monday, February 22, 2010

Can I Quote You on That?

I am a collector of quotes,
a chronic cut-and-paster.
My desktop is full of stickies,
each of which carries with it
words that catch my attention
and hold it long enough for me
to nod or smile or, if I'm really lucky, laugh,
or begin to look at the world a little differently.

Here are few that currently reside on my desktop:
"Words and pictures make the best souvenirs for any adventure. Just press a flower into a notebook and call it a day."

"We must be conscious of our message and the way we deliver it. You are responsible for how your words land in someone else’s ear."

"When I sign autographs, I often write – Stay Fresh. This is a reminder to not grow numb to the beauty in your own community....In every town around the world, Love happens simultaneously. You don’t have to be on holiday to send someone a postcard. Where you are is a wonderful tourist destination."

-- Jason Mraz

""I almost never read a borrowed book. I don't like to read borrowed books because I don't want to read a book without underlining things I want to remember. Since one doesn't underline someone else's book, I feel that if a book is worth reading, it is worth owning."

-- Boyd K. Packer

"I believe we have to create that person...just like 'creating' art.

Layer upon layer, we add things we like, get rid of the things that don't work for us...stay true to our own our personality and our life. We choose."

-- Kimberly Brimhall

"As long as I'm your President, I'll never stop fighting to make sure that the most powerful voice in Washington belongs to you."

-- Barack Obama

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

-- Edgar Degas

"I don’t think anyone can teach you how to write a good song. I think they can teach you to write in a genre or how to write something cliché. You can teach someone how to craft something pop but you can’t teach someone how to be an artist."

-- Harper Simon

"My life on the road is a lot like '70s Fleetwood Mac, except instead of cocaine it's Cinnamon Toast Crunch."

"Sometimes you have to throw in the towel and call that 're-occurring flaw' a character trait. Someone will love it."

"And that's what adulthood is: you wake from the nightmare and realize there's no bigger bed to climb into."

-- John Mayer

"Tell it to me backwards."

-- from an episode of Lie to Me

Any faves that have caught your eye recently? Do share.

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