Friday, April 9, 2010

Five "-Ings" Friday: I Have Been...


looking at/thinking about/needing to see again:

I walked through the gallery with staggering steps at times, an uncertain dancer, two careful steps forward, one tentative step back, head tilted, eyes questioning. I wanted to take it all in, take it all with me. There are two prints/sketches by Le Corbusier ("Abstraction") and Edgar Degas ("Waiting in the Wings") that I can't get out of my head, and I can't find copies of them anywhere. These images -- so powerful, so present, yet so intangible. It was amazing seeing Kollwitz, Neel, Bearden, Klee up close -- and sharing it all with Z. Having the Kostova book on the brain made the experience especially haunting.
laughing at:



  1. Incredible scrap page!!! So many fun details!

  2. How is the book? I caught an interview with her on NPR not too long ago and was intrigued.

    I am mourn-ing the end of spring break. I could really get used to this whole staying home, getting paid, and not needing to do anything.

  3. Fun post! How is the book? She was actually my creative writing teacher in college and is so sweet!

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  5. so your favs have turned into your "ings"!! LOL cute idea :0)

    great list, LOVE the page!! I hope you are having a good weekend!!

  6. love that page.. and your photos... *sigh* beautiful!