Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And in the End...

And in the end
the love you take
is equal to the love you make.
-- The Beatles

I believe it.

Watching my seventh graders --
the last group of seventh graders I may ever teach --
walk out of the classroom today
for the last time this year,
I thought of these lines.
They're taking so much with them
and so am I.
It's an ending,
but it's not The End.
As attached as I get to the students,
they leave -- it's what they do.
In fact, it's my job
to keep them moving forward,
ever onward.
And now, it's my turn to move forward.

Over the past few weeks,
I haven't just been busy with the end of the school year.
I've been preoccupied
with some major decisions,
one of which is the decision
to change schools
and to teach at the high school level.
It's what I wanted to do when I started teaching,
and now I feel like a first-year teacher
all over again,
hopeful and a wee bit terrified.
I'll find my bearings, though, in time.
Change can be exciting.

We've also been dealing with a slew of other decisions
and some very difficult events.
May has been a very, very challenging month,
and it's also been a transformative one.
I'm definitely not the same person that I was on May 1.
Change can be destabilizing,
but it has also led me
to re-center myself and to shift my perspective.

It's June now, though,
and school is out as of today,
and we have relatives visiting this month,
and it is also my first official day on the
the Shimmerz Design Team!

I used a bunch of Shimmerz products on the layout above.
I love how evenly the Shimmerz Vibez and the Shimmerz Pearlz
are distributed on paper as they are sprayed.
Plus, the names are kind of adorable --
Rolling in the Hay? Hee hee.
Cotton Candy? Yum yum.
Jeni B Bleu? Iconic.

I also used a few new Stamping Bella stamps,
"Thoughts," and "A Moment Captured."

Being a fan of all things lined and ledgerific
and office supply-oriented,
I am definitely adding these stamps
to my Love-You-Forever list.

This is actually the first layout that I've made in about two weeks,
and it felt like coming up for air.
It also helped me to gain some closure --
at least, on this chapter.
Now it's time to turn the page.


  1. welcome back my beautiful friend.. *hugs* I've missed you.

  2. LOVE your new LO. I have also been debating about switching schools, and reading your post really helped me know it will be fine. I am glad you are back to posting...I missed ya!

  3. love those stamps as well...very cool! :)

  4. awesome stamps. And I hear ya on the month of May. It has been a doozy for me too.

  5. Best of luck in your new endeavors, Jill! And, enjoy summer!

  6. your post has really struck me. i've been struggling with decisions myself, especially going back to school to get my teaching credential. this is really making me thing...love that layout and totally love your journaling.

    glad to hear that things are looking better for you:)

  7. I love your layout.
    I had a tough decision to make this year about schools, as well. I am going down, though...to elementary. I, too, am a bit terrified and feel like a first year teacher!! I'm sorry to hear about the other issues. Here's to June and Summer and all that is new! :)

  8. Love this page! I'm sure this new step in the journey will be wonderful.

  9. I love this layout and the story behind it. Powerful words and a powerful photo. I understand what it's like to work and live with children and it makes me glad and brakes my heart to see those scribblings on the chalk board. I wish you all the best in your new career. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Hahaa... "breaks"... LOL.

  11. This layout is stunning stunning stunning!!!