Sunday, June 13, 2010

This Side of Paradise

Lately we've been spending a lot of time at the beach,
and I have
no complaints about that.

One of our favorite spots is Bellows,

on the east side of the island,

where the water is a clear turquoise,

where the waves gently lap the shore,

and where the sand is sugary soft.

I could stand to spend

more than a few beach days

right here:

I created this layout for the Shimmerz blog,
using a bunch of products.
I am loving the way that Shimmerz Vibez and Shimmerz Spritz
can change the look of a page so easily and so quickly.
I love spray ink in all forms,
but I'm used to it being kind of spotty and uneven.
With Shimmerz, though, I notice how evenly the spray is distributed,
and I love the sheen that appears as it dries.
I also had fun with some of the paints,
splattering and masking and fingerpainting (oh, yeah, I went there).
You can see more pics of the process on the Shimmerz blog.

This summer has been good for me so far.
With relatives visiting,
I am seeing my home through their eyes.

I live on an island
and sometimes
that makes me somewhat...insular.

Alhthough I have a 360 degree view of the horizon,
my perspective can be limited.

Because of the cost of living
and the high gas prices
and the "moke" mentality
and the push to build claustrophobic housing developments
over anything remotely green,
and a history of injustice and inequality,
sometimes I tend to do a bit of eye-rolling
whenever someone refers to Hawai'i
as "paradise."

Yet...this is my home,
and most days, I agree with the bumper stickers:
"Lucky You Live Hawai'i."

Just when I think
that the Aloha spirit
is a myth
or a marketing tool,
some unexpected act of kindness surprises me.

Just when I think
that there has to be more somewhere else
I face the expanse of the ocean
and I realize that I am standing here
in someone else's more.

Just when I think
that an endless summer
might be overrated
the real summer comes
and I finally have the time to notice
where I live.
I fall in love with
the beach and the air and the food and the everything
all over again.

This has me thinking.
I'm hoping to capture more of a sense of place
on my layouts.
I'm not quite sure how to do that just yet,
especially since my layouts tend to be more people-oriented.
Maybe there's a way the twain can meet.


  1. I loved this layout the moment I saw it on the Shimmerz blog. Love all the colours, and the alphas. Love the sneak of music paper around the edges and the slightly wonky stitching. And of course, the Shimmerz are just perfect for the beach theme.


  2. Love this layout, and I totally get what you mean about the paradoxes of living in Hawaii. Were you born there or did you end up there?

  3. I love this page! The pic, the layering and all the details! Hawaii is on our bucket list. Quickly working it's way to the top!