Friday, July 30, 2010


Today I discovered Sister Corita Kent's serigraph of these "rules"
via Keri Smith's blog (thank you, Keri!).
I'm still processing.
The level of awesomeness in these words will take a while for me to absorb.
I had one of those moments,
like a learning-to-read moment,
in which everything suddenly is clear,
but clear in a new way,
as words and meaning and moment converge,
and you find yourself in those words,
making them make sense and being made at the same time.

I do know that this WILL be shared with my students --
not "shared" like a bunch of "do-this-don't-do-that" directives,
but rather,
shared like a gift,
as it was shared with me.

"That's a great gift -- to teach people how to look to see."

ABC's from Central Office on Vimeo.

How did I only discover her today?