Tuesday, August 3, 2010


For the past thirteen Augusts,
I've spent the first few days of the month
working in my classroom,
sprucing it up before the school year officially begins
(for the students, at least).

This year,
I'm teaching at the high school level for the first time,
which poses kind of a decorating challenge,
especially when it comes to bulletin boards.

The existing classroom decor options
are way too saccharine for me.

I ask you:
why is it that none of my favorite scrapbooking companies
produce funky bulletin board borders
and fadeless patterned paper rolls,
preferably with a kind of schoolhouse vintage vibe?
Can you imagine how awesome that would be?

Until that glorious day comes,
I'm winging it
with my own funked up borders.

This morning, Z and I tricked out some white borders,
misting and masking and stamping.

Hopefully they'll look okay on the classroom walls.
I'm thinking of pulling together dictionary papers
for the background of one of my boards.
We'll see how it goes...
Any ideas for further ways to rethink classroom decor would be MUCH appreciated!


  1. I love your borders! I hope your students do too! What are you teaching? Good luck with your new year in the new school!!

  2. I love it Jill!!! I work in a high school as a social worker and I always feel for teachers when it comes to decor at that level! I think you've achieved a great look though-you should market that!

  3. That is just way too cool!!

  4. The borders are brilliant.

    And, I love the dictionary page idea.

    Have you thought about fabric as a background instead of paper?

  5. I think your borders are so very awesome!

  6. Dude - those borders look really cool! :) And I'm giggling at your 'Z' - my hubby's blog nickname is 'Z', too. he he. Also - can't believe it's almost school time again! Goodness! Where does the summer go?

  7. Can I come be in your class?
    Looks GREAT!

  8. i wish my girls' teacher are as creative as you. seriously. SERIOUSLY.

  9. I'm sure you're going to be a great teacher:)

  10. Holy AWESOMENESS! I totally need to make number borders for my math classroom. The students will love anything with a spraypaint or anime kind of vibe. I think you've got it in these border strips!