Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hey There, Beautiful.

I notice that the word "beautiful,"
like the word "love,"
is highly overused in my vocabulary.

I use statements that begin with "I love"
or that include the word "beautiful"
a bajillion times a day.

I know I'm not alone.

You do it, too, right?

Check any blog or scrapbook gallery,
and you'll see a multitude of "loves" and "beautifuls",
and as overused as those words might seem,
I think they're perfect. Spot on.
We super-praise each other in the scrapbook community,
and while that might seem hokey or disingenuous to some people,
as for me,
I only say "love" when I really do love something,
and I only call something "beautiful" when my eyes and heart
tell me it is.
There are worse words to overuse,
and I'm glad that the words "hate" and "ugly" don't make appearances often
in my vocabulary
(except maybe when I'm watching Fox News).

I bring this up because I've used the word "beautiful"
at least fifty times or so on this layout,
and I know the word "love" is there, too --

and I mean these words.

I went kind of gonzo with mist and paint here,
alternating between holding the paper horizontally (for wider coverage)
and vertically (for the rad drippy effect).
The colors worked well with the new Studio Calico Summer Camp kit,
as well as the "Beautiful" definition
and "Your Book Is Due" stamps from Stamping Bella.

As you can see,
I went crazy with some beautiful products here
and I love the effect. Har har.


  1. Fantastic layers of colour in this page! Just amazing use of masking and misting!

  2. Wow, Jill! This layout is definitely 'beautiful' and 'love' worthy! I could look at it for hours.

  3. you do beautiful work, girl. and i love you. :)

  4. Stunning page (mixing up the words!). And I agree with the post--better to spread more love!

  5. saying hello here.. are you well? :) *hugs*