Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Lately, this my life in a word: whoosh.
Don't you love onomatopoeia?

It's Sunday and
it's Tuesday evening and
it's Thursday afternoon and
it's Saturday and I'm finally getting some real sleep and
it's Monday morning.
Sure, it's crazy,
but it's kind of a high, too, isn't it?
Where has your week taken you?
Where will next week find you?

Sometimes it's necessary to seize the whoosh,
to embrace that rush,
that supersonic electric butterfly soaring
that results from, oh, say,
being asked to be a guest on the JBS Inspiration Blog! A-whaat?

I notice that there is nary a page of this guy
in which he not surrounded by hearts.
He makes my heart go whoosh,
so it's only fitting.
All parents know the way of the whoosh:
she's three, then she's eight, and then she's twelve,
and where has the time gone?

And whoosh -- has it already been a year
since my mom married one of the best men I know?

and whoosh -- time flies,
and if we choose to soar with it,
there is no limit to where it can take us.


  1. you have got a very awesome style! love all your projects!

  2. I really admire your designs, Jill. Just so pretty and interesting and they have a lot of depth and layers. Lovely work - can spot your stuff a mile away.

  3. I just found your blog and love your style. I really like the yellow journaling tag that you used on the wedding layout. Did you make it yourself or is it something that I can purchase? Thanks!

  4. Hi Emily -- the tag is from Jenni Bowlin Studio. It's one of six journaling cards in the Family Tree line.

  5. you're one amazing girl. whooooosh!!! you make my heart go whoooosh!!

  6. You are amazing! Love all the layouts and your fabulous unique style!