Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year's Halloween festivities have taught me a few things:

1. I am an easy target for practical jokes, and some jokes never get old.

2. There's nothing quite like being sugared up on a Sunday night. Good luck at school tomorrow, teachers! Maybe I should wear my "witchy woman" ensemble again tomorrow, since it will likely be more authentic:

Before I leave you to your mischief-making,
you may want to visit the ol' JBS Mercantile place by night's end.
Right around the witching hour,
the new and hauntingly amazing November kits
will be available,
featuring way more treats than tricks.
You can get a sneak peek here.

I also have a page featured on the JBS Inspiration Blog today.
I can't believe that I was ever that little,
but I remember being her, standing right there.
Now I have a mini-me just like her.

Have a wonderful Halloween!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting Ready

Last night I got into the Halloween spirit
by getting painterly with Shimmerz,
putting together this banner,
and dressing up one of our walls for Halloween.
You can see more in the full Shimmerz post right here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Personal Geography

around me
a scrappy mess
that was less messy last week,
but already needs re-organizing

on me
my non-school uniform:
jeans and a long-sleeved Gap tee

to the left
the flailing limbs
of the mechanized Halloween spider
that drops from the ceiling fan
whenever someone claps
(or sneezes, coughs, laughs too loudly, drops the remote,
or barks, as the dog and I just found out)

to the right
afternoon sun glinting off the trees
tricycle wheels grinding on the gravel
neighbors catching up after a long day

above me
a roof,
but beyond that,
an open blue sky

below me
a cowering dog
who will not be barking again
any time soon

behind me
two layouts
that I completed today
for Lily Bee

ahead of me
a computer screen
and lots of ungraded papers
and thus, a loooong night

within me
the ability to refocus
and get back to work
despite the very (very) strong temptation
to procrastinate
(as evidenced by this blog post)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I've been...

wondering how it got to be mid-October already...

reading Grendel with my seniors by day, and the new Cassandra Clare by night...

scrapping here and there, as evidenced in the layouts below from the mid-month JBS Mercantile gallery:
watching Dexter (still on season 3), Gossip Girl (vapid and wonderful), Grey's Anatomy (I'm not over it yet), and Top Chef Just Desserts (deliciously melodramatic)...

listening to Angus and Julia Stone, the new album from The Weepies, "Love Like You" from Paper Tongues, and "How" from Maroon 5...

reminding myself that I don't just need to take more photos, I need to make more photos.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

When I Say "Mess"...


Guess what I'm spending my Sunday doing? :)