Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ground Control to Major Pain in the Butt

I can be a total space cadet,
as this layout for Shimmerz attests.

At times, I can also be a really good listener,

but not if there is a book in my hands,

a layout in front of me,

an open email message before me,

a TV on in the room,

or something else on my mind.

In other words, I'm usually not all ears.

People tend to have to repeat themselves around me,

and I know that it becomes pretty annoying pretty quickly.

Maybe my inattentiveness

comes from being hyper-attentive and observant

while teaching all day,

so that when it comes time to interact with others off the clock,

my attention span has been depleted,

and my ears become ornamental.

Sometimes, my poor husband has to insist

that I face him and make eye contact when we speak,

because once I turn away...

I'm on Mars.

This trait has served me well as a reader and a writer,

as no sound can distract me when I'm in the "zone,"

but it makes me an awful conversationalist.

I'm working on it, though,

and somewhere between

in one ear


out the other,

I will learn to break this awful habit.


  1. I SO relate to your journaling! Awesome page, Jill! You are so creative!

  2. Jill-I can't tell you enough how much of an inspiration you are to me. Not just in scrapbooking, but in many many ways! I wish I could see things the way you do, analyze them like you do, and communicate them effectively like you do! You have done so many LOs and blog posts that speak to me or touch me in some way-that I have seriously lost count! LOL! You are blunt, and up-front and not afraid at all of expressing how you feel-and I really respect and admire that. :D I just wanted to tell you those things. I love reading your posts, and the topics of your LOs and the journaling you put on them, are constant inspiration to me to express who I am and how I feel without holding anything back.

    The whole reason I wanted to comment (though I kinda got sidetracked! laugh!), was because I totally know all about what you described in this post-as that is my husband to a T! I seriously want to throw him out with the garbage some days. Kudos to you for realizing that it might drive your family nuts, as Jed still has yet to catch on to that here! LOL!

  3. jill - i always love your work:) when i read this post - it resonated with me soo much. but i wanted to say that i don't think it's just a "bad habit" - i have these same issues and was recently diagnosed with ADHD. just a thought! i have had a very successful career in medicine; always did well academically; but nonetheless - i finally recognized the symptoms:)

    happy sunday...


  4. this design is so cool! Simply love it!

  5. oh god... i'm just like that!! *grins* Happy Birthday, sayang! *means love in Malay*